Most of us are not really aware of flossing if you never visited your dentist ever. Fifty percent of Americans do not floss daily and out of five people, one person never flosses their teeth in their lifetime at all. By flossing you basically remove all the dirt and food particles that are being stuck in the teeth while eating. Flossing not only removes stuck food particles but also helps in removing bacteria, plaque, and debris from the areas of mouth your where a toothbrush cannot reach easily. Due to its effectiveness in cleaning the teeth, flossing is highly recommended by dental health practitioners. Not only this, but it has also been considered to be an essential activity as a part of cleaning one’s teeth by the American Dental Association.

Different methods of Intra-dental cleaning:

Methods Of Interdental Cleaning


Before talking about dental hygiene and cleaning, one must be aware of Waterpik. Waterpik is basically a company that produces a good wide range of flosses. It is well known among its customers and an award-winning brand as well. It produces best selling products which have been approved by the American Dental Association ADA. They have introduced a variety of different flosses such as electric toothbrushes. But for now, we are only focusing on water flosses. A water floss is a cleaning device, which directs a fine jet of water into your mouth, reaching in between your teeth, and gums at the same time. The pressure of water removes all the dirt debris and other food particles which might get stuck into the mouth.

Dental Floss

One of the most commonly used objects for the purpose of cleaning the teeth is dental floss. Dental floss is a sharp fine string which can easily move in between the teeth. It can easily be inserted in between your teeth and can be moved to and fro by making all the dirt and debris come out of the teeth. It easily removes food particles or plaque present in between your teeth. Though it is very easy to use yet it requires some practice to use it correctly to avoid any harm to the gums.

Comparison between Waterpik and Dental floss

Different clinical studies have shown the effectiveness of Waterpik as high as 51% to that of the dental floss. It has been tested in various clinical trials that it is effective in reducing gingivitis. Waterpik is two times effective in reducing gingival bleeding. It is also 29% effective in cleaning and reducing plaque. It reaches all the hidden areas of the mouth while cleaning process predicting good health of your teeth.

While on the other hand, a study conducted in 2008 in order to check the effectiveness of dental floss. Study design contained 2 groups comparing the effects of combined tooth brushing and flossing with tooth brushing alone. Results confirmed that flossing combined with tooth brushing decreased the extent of having bacterial infections by reducing bacterial abundance in the mouth. Hence the study proved the effectiveness of flossing for dental hygiene.

What is more effective in braces?

Waterpik Vs. Dental Floss For Cleaning Braces?

It has been seen that Waterpik is three times more effective in cleaning for the people with braces than that of dental floss. It helps in removing the layer of plaque on the teeth which comes due to braces. It also helps reducing gums bleeding by 53% which only brushing does not do. The water jet that comes out of the Waterpik reaches the area of the teeth which is covered by the braces. As the water pressure is too high, it easily removes away all the dirt from underneath the wires and braces as well.

Which is easier to use?

Whatever device or object you are using for your cleaning purpose, both need practice and skills to enhance their effectiveness. This is the way through which you can get more benefit out of it. Sometimes while using your dental floss in a wrong or harsh way, you might get bleeding gums, sore and many problems like these. While on the other hand, water floss is less likely to damage your teeth in terms of sore or bleeding.


If we talk in terms of practicality, water floss is way too better than a regular dental floss cord. It is much easier to handle and use. It is more effective in cleaning away all the dirt and food particles while taking less of your time. It can easily be placed on the bathroom shelves. Portable devices are also easily available. While on the other hand if you are not having much space in your bathroom, you can put it anywhere you want to apart outside of your bathroom space. It can also be packed in your suitcase and easily carried anywhere. Though it might take a little more space than that of regular floss.


Hopefully, now you can make better comparisons between a water floss and a regular cord dental floss. Water floss is way too better for people with braces. It is something you can easily travel with. It has good battery timing which lasts for about 2-3 months. It removes all the dirt and plaque from the teeth reach all over your mouth. In the end, it is simply a miraculous device for your teeth leaving them sparkling and healthier.