Whenever you hear about a Hot air hair brush from anyone, you might always think of a traditional airbrush available in the market. While that is not the case. There are many different types of hot air hair brushes depending on their shape and the type of technology they use. Hence sometimes it becomes difficult for you to choose from a range of hair tools, wondering what will likely to suit you the most. It is quite an intimidating task to perform. But don’t worry!! We are quite sure that after reading through this article, you can make a better choice between such a different range of hot brushes available in the market. This will help you out in selecting the best hot air brush for yourself and you can have a better idea of what will suit you the most. This will also let you know about the usage of different technologies among these brushes and how these technologies work. We will also let you know which type of brush gives what benefits and can be disadvantageous in what conditions. So, let’s discuss the types of hot air hair brushes available in the market these days.


One of the most commonly used hot brushes is the rotating one. This rotating hot air brush has a brush in a circular shape that has the ability to move around. This has the multi-directional rotation ability so that the barrel of the brush can move around in both directions i.e. either backward or forward. Such brushes will give a lot of volume to your hair. While you can also try different shapes using this brush giving you a more defined look.

For example, outwards or inwards curls, blow dry or even simple straightening can look beautiful. Styles you make with this sort of rotation brushes can stay longer for hours. If you are not going to a lot of humid or damp environment, you can stay with your hair does even for days. So, this gives you a long-lasting look. All you need is to use your rotating hot brush correctly. Another great benefit of using such brushes is that it does not require much effort while running through your hair. It can run as effortlessly through your hair as a regular comb or a brush and it does not strain your arms or shoulders.

One thing you need to take care of is that always choose a right rotating brush for yourself. Read thoroughly through the reviews of the brush made by customers who have bought it previously. Make sure that the brush does not stick into your hair strands. This can make tangles into your hair damage them. Always go for good quality and a good company brush. It will give you satisfying results and will add to your hair care routine.


One of the most popular materials used in the hot air hair brushes is ceramic. It is essentially popular among the manufacturers due to its unique qualities. One great characteristic this material has is its ability to distribute the heat all over the surface of the brush evenly. The making of the brush is of clay. As you plug in the brush to electricity it heats up so quickly reaching to a constant temperature. This makes the hot air hair brush efficient to work. As the ceramic gets heat up so quickly that is why it is considered to be an ideal material for hair styling tools. Due to its unique property of distributing even heat and reaching to a constant temperature, the ceramic material has also been used in the manufacturing of flattening irons and curling rods. As the material gets heat up too quickly it makes you spend a lot lesser time in styling your hair. It is best to use while you are getting late for work in the morning. You only have to run the brush through your hair strands and you will be done with your hair quickly just in the blink of your eye. This feature makes ceramic hot air hair brush ideal for use in the daily busy routine.

Types of Best Hot Air Brushes

Hot Iron

If your hot air hair brush is using an instant heating technology, then this can turn your simple hot air brush to a flattening iron or a curling rod. Such brushes are called hot iron brushes. They are very efficient in working and give results that are flawless. Hot iron brushes give your hair a more defined look that you can get from any professional salon. This also adds a lustrous shine to them.
If you are one of those people who do not want to spend much time getting ready or the one who always get ready in a hurry, then this must be a good choice for you. It will turn out to be a great asset for you. It is so quick yet gives you a fine flawless look. Hence investing in a hot air hair brush that can also be used as a hot iron would worth it. So, if you are interested to add this kind of brush into your hair styling kit then you must buy a high-quality product from a renowned brand.


If you want to straighten your hair along with blow dry, then you must not miss out a hot air hair brush that uses the technology called straightening. These are known to be straightening brushes. These brushes come in many different styles. Most commonly these brushes look just as similar to those of regular hair brushes. The only difference is that an extra cable is being attached to the bottom of the brush for the purpose of supplying an electric current to it. Electricity is basically needed for the drying process. Some of them have a round circular shape like a barrel. Others have a tong-like a shape having bristles on both sides which face each other. One feature straightening brushes have is that they expose your hair to less heat, in turn, making them less vulnerable to heat damage.


Above described were a few types of hot air hair brushes. Now we are quite sure that after reading this article you can have a better understanding of what technology your hot air hair brush is using and what hot brush will be better for you to use. We also described in detail all the benefits each of these brushes can provide you while staying in your budget. If you are interested in purchasing one, take a look at our Hot Air Brushes reviews we have written on what we believe are the best Hot Air Brush around. Hopefully, this article will be helpful for you in buying a correct Hot Air Brush for you.