Although there is a very fine line of difference between sunblock, sunscreen and tanning oils yet we need to differentiate between all of them. The difference is important to see what function exactly the mentioned products do for you. It is also necessary to know what product will suit you and which is right for your skin type. The article will also reveal which brands are trustworthy to use.

So first it is necessary to know what actually these products are and what these products are good for. So first look into the definitions of all of these products.

What is Sunblock?

Sunblock is a product that creates coverage on the face and acts as a wall between the face and the sun rays which reach to your face. It contains ingredients which are inorganic in nature and help in reflecting the UV rays back from the face. In fact, it makes the UV rays scatter all around and prevent them from being absorbed into the skin. This function can protect your skin developing many types of cancers, which might be caused by direct exposure to the UV rays. Sunblock particularly protects skin against UVB rays. These rays can cause redness and irritation on your skin and even sunburn. These rays usually damage your skin superficially. But unfortunately, sunblock doesn’t protect from UVA rays.

What is Sunblock?

What is Sunscreen?

Although sunscreen also protects your skin from UV rays, yet it let some of the UV rays to be absorbed into the skin. The rest of the UV rays are reflected back from the skin. The best thing about the sunscreen is that it protects your skin from both UVB and UVA rays. These UVA rays cause your skin to become tan and are particularly called tanning rays. These rays cause more in-depth damage to the skin and are the main cause of cancers.

What is Sunscreen?

What is Tanning Oil?

While tanning oils are the products which aid the tanning process and fast the process. The purpose of the skin tanning oils is just as simple as to improve the responsiveness of your skin to the UV rays coming out of the sun. These tanning oils help your skin to produce more of the melanin pigment for you and prevent it from developing any sort of skin problems in the future. This pigment also helps reduce the instances of developing different types of skin cancers and sometimes fights back dome chronic skin conditions as well.If you are interested in buying a best Tanning Oils, you may be interested in reading our reviews.

What is Tanning Oil?

Now let’s discuss some of the sunblock sunscreens and tanning oils from different companies which have been considered on the top of the choice list;

  • No-Ad Sport SPF 50 Sunblock:

The product is for sure has amazing results for the whole of the body but is best for the top of your feet. It relieves from the patches of sunburn that usually appear on the feet the moment you are exposed to the sun. This sunblock is extremely good for people with white complexion. As sunburn marks usually hurt people who have more white skin. It protects your skin from sunburn all day long and perfects from sensitive skin.

  • Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Anti-Sun Damage Lotion:

The product is best for the people who constantly go in and out. It alone can produce great results but you try it admixed with other skin products, it can produce phenomenal results. Usually, the products are best suited for the face area and protect them better. It also works best for wrinkles and fine lines caused by the sun rays.

  • Banana Boat Tanning Oil:

In our previous article, we already reviewed this Banana Boat Tanning Oil. It is one of the best sellers and can give results which you ever wish for. It produces great tanned skin while leaving it moisturized and revitalized. The product is lightweight and can be applied anywhere on your body except the face. It is best for the shoulder area, upper back, arms, and legs and works best here. Prevent its application from the face as it can cause breaking out or dryness on your skin. It also has an extremely pleasant and soothing fragrance as it has coconut oil, grape seed oil extracts in it. It gives you a perfectly bronze tanning look with sheen and quick drying formula. As the product is not too oily and dries up fast so you don’t have to use a lot of the product to get the results.

  • Coppertone Sport Sunscreen:

No matter how much you sweat or remain outdoor for a longer period of time, this amazing product will not stop producing its flawless results for you. As the name says it all, it is made for the people who might stay active during summers or have more exposure to the sun. This is best for them.

Yet the product is not suitable for the people who have a little more sensitive skin. This might cause damage to it or even produce tan lines. It might not give you protection if you have extra white complexion. But the product might works good if you use it along with other products admixed in it.


Every product that we use has different benefits for different people. One thing that works for one can produce hazards to others. It all depends on what skin type and skin tone you have. All you need to be vigilant while using all these products. Follow your skin care routine properly so that these products can work better.

Sunblock is the best products to protect your skin from sunburns and other problems. They will help maintain your real complexion. Tanning oils can be useful if you want a tanned tone, Sunscreen can do wonders only if they suit your skin type and skin tone.

The real purpose of these products is to keep you protected, from the dangerous UVA and UVB rays which can produce various types of skin problems, even cancers. So it all depends on how you use the product to get the most out of it.