Once the acne starts appearing on the face, it is nearly nothing that works on it to treat it. Sometimes using different products might lead to more problems. Like scrubbing your face will make the pores open and will result in swollen and red pimples on the face. This will also wipe out all the essential oils from the skin making it dry and tight. Many other products are also available in the market in order to treat pimples and acne. Rather these products work only on the acne symptoms and not on the causes which are elevating the problem.

When nothing works, then the role of the steamers is always appreciated in such situations. These steamers not only enhance the overall health of the skin but also help in reducing and preventing pimples and acne in the future. It improves your skin complexion, increases blood circulation and gives you a clear spotless skin. It also balances the pH of the skin and keeps it neutral.

How does a steamer work to treat and improve acne?

How To Steam Your Face With A Facial SteamerSteaming your face is merely not a new concept to be talked about. It has been followed and proved to be beneficial for ages. There are many traditional methods of steaming. This includes direct steam by putting the face over the basin or via keeping a warmly wet towel over the face. A comparatively new method of steaming by electronic steamers is also available these days. Below are some of the ways by which steam improves acne and acne symptoms.

Boosted circulation

Steaming basically works on the principle of thermoregulation. This process regulates the body temperature and keeps it at an optimal level in order to work normally. Once your skin comes in contact with the steam, it increases circulation of blood towards your skin. This increased blood circulation will increase the oxygen flow towards the cells. This will let the cells to breathe. Hence leaving the overall skin condition healthier.

Healthy skin cells

It is not at all a surprise to say that steaming will also improve the skin condition. As already mentioned above that when we steam our face, this will lead to an increased blood circulation towards the skin. The increase in the circulation will make more oxygen to flow towards the skin cells. Hence they breathe and perspire. More oxygen flow will allow these cells to work efficiently and enhance their capacity to remove dirt and debris from the cells. This will also make your skin feel tight and resilient towards many skin problems. They can fight against bacteria and other germs that can cause other skin problems.

Expels blockages

As discussed multiple times increased blood circulation will, in turn, increase the flow of oxygen towards the skin. This process will make the skin cells work efficiently. The skin cells start seating and perspiring. This will soften and loosen the skin pores and will let the existing dirt and debris to oust out. The expelled debris will save the pores from clogging and will lessen the pore size. This will help in preventing the acne to appear in the future.

Improve the treatment results

As the steaming will allow the pores to perspire and release the dirt out of them. Once they are clean inside, they will be receptive towards any sort of treatment. So if you apply any skin care product on your face just after having a steaming session, this will let the skin cells to absorb in them effectively. Hence giving you more effective results.


Steaming will let your skin cells relax and breath. As acne and pimple will be a source of tension and stress for your skin, steam will soften them and make them expel all the dirt from them. This will also increase the overall health of your skin.


If you are using an electronic steamer, you can always have a chance to enhance your steaming experience. So along with steaming sessions, you can also enjoy beautiful fragrances to add a treat to your steaming experience.


Hydration can be one of the most possible benefits you can get from steaming. This can be attained by using an electronic steamer. Steam penetrates into your skin more efficiently rather simple washing of the face.

How to steam your face for acne?

How to Steam Your Face For AcneBelow are some of the steps to follow while using steam for acne:

  • Cleanse your face with a mild cleanser in order to clean all the dirt residing on the surface of the skin.
  • Steam your face for at least 5-20 minutes.
    Apply any face pack, for example, a deep cleansing mask or a mud mask on the face for some time. Allow it to dry. It will take approximately 10-15 minutes.
  • Wash it off using splashes of cold water. This will let you allow your pores to be closed which were previously opened in the steaming process.
  • Dry your face with a cotton towel by gently tapping it on your face. Do not rub it harshly on the face.
  • Once getting done with all the above mentioned steps, apply a non-comedogenic moisturizer on your face.

Initially, your skin might look even worse than the precious. But there is nothing to be worried about. Your skin cells might start releasing more toxins and dirt due to steaming. So don’t worry it will start working better after a few sessions of continuous steam.


So facial steaming is probably one of the best ways to get of the acne and other skin related problems. It will allow the skin to produce healthy cells by working efficiently. It is suitable for all skin types and easy to do while following your daily routine. It makes your skin feel better and healthier. It will also let it breathe and excrete all the dirt and debris from it. Hence steaming can be one useful and an economical way to treat and prevent acne without making any damage to your skin. If you want to know more about the facial steamers, kindly have a look at the reviews, click here.