You probably have heard about bleaching skin with different products which are available in the market. However, bleaching products have never received appreciation for whitening your skin. This is because of the numerous side effects of using these products on your skin. Yet there are methods which can be trusted while bleaching or lightening your skin. In this article, we will be discussing a few common beliefs about bleaching.

1. Skin bleaching is a recommended process by dermatologists

Skin lightening is a process that is not used by salons but also recommended by dermatologists to treat certain skin problems. It has been seen that certain skin whitening medicines are prescribed by various dermatologists to deal with post-inflammatory pigmentation.

As acne comes, it leaves dark spots on your skin resulting in post-inflammatory pigmentation. Melasma is another reason for the appearance of discolored patchy spots on the skin, which often appear during pregnancy as a result of hormonal changes, or due to long exposure in the sun. All these problems cannot be treated by merely using cosmetic products, rather need medicine to deal with. These medicines not only lighten dark spots but treat age spots, scars, and even birthmarks as well.

2. There is no actual bleach in bleaching products

These products are known as bleaching products because they only lighten the dark spots and treat uneven skin tone. These products do not contain bleach in actual but consist of whitening agents which reduce the production of a pigment called melanin.

This pigment results in the formation of dark spots. Cosmetic productions treat these scars and spots by lowering down the level of melanin pigment in the skin. These products also exfoliate the skin and rejuvenate it by peeling off the dead skin cells.

3. Though bleaching has its own side effects

Although skin lightening products prove to help give you desired results. Yet these products can be of great danger to the skin sometimes. These products are recommended for a short period in minimum doses. It has been widely seen that these products can produce numerous allergic reactions to the skin which include itching, redness or even dryness.

bleaching has its own side effectsHowever several dermatologists have also suggested that these skin lightening creams may also contain carcinogens increasing the risk of developing skin cancer. This is the reason these cosmetic products are available in low doses in the market in the USA. Also, they are sold if only prescribed by your dermatologist. These medicines are highly regulated by the Federal Drug Authority. However, due to their carcinogenic effects, these medicines were being banned for a long period in Europe.

4. Side effects of misusing skin lightening medicines

As already been discussed above that these skin lightening products are always prescribed in lower doses only, otherwise can produce dangerous consequences to the skin. These medicines contain a chemical called Hydroquinone, which must not be used in a higher dose of more than 2%. Although using these medicines in low dose can sometimes produce dangerous reactions to the skin as well. But one of the harmful side effects of this chemical is that it can make your skin look grayish-white with dull tint if used in higher doses or even for a longer period.

It has also been reported that use of these skin lightening medicines more than 3 months can be dangerous to the extent that it can make skin darker permanently. This darkening is known to be as exogenous ochronosis. This condition is too resistant to be treated by any further medicine.

Although at first using such skin lightening medicines can produce miraculous results, afterward can result in the darkening of the skin which gives the uneven and mismatched tone of the skin. Another side effect of using skin whitening medicines is the thinning of the skin from the areas where there has been applied. This condition is known as bleach panda effect. This also results in hyperpigmentation on the skin which makes it look darker with uneven patches on it. This gives skin the appearance of a panda which looks odd and weird sometimes.

5. Go for natural skin whitening products

Though various bleaching and skin lightening products are available in the market, which gives desired results they have their side effects. As we have already discussed above, these products cannot be used for a prolonged period. Nature has the best solutions for every problem, which not only give you the required results but will also be harmless in producing any counteraction to your skin. These natural ways are easy and quick to use and chemical-free at the same time. Usually, these natural cure ingredients are part of every household, so they are in easy access to everyone. The best part about these natural methods is that they do not produce any hazardous side effects on the skin. Instead, they cure your problem by damaging your skin in the least possible ways.

Natural skin whitening products

Another great property of these natural beauty cures is that if they do not produce any desired results to your skin, then they won’t be hurting it anyway. So you can use them without any fear of getting hurt by them. These natural beauty products are harmless and can be used on any skin type as they do not contain harmful chemicals.

These products commonly include Vitamin C, which is excessively present in several fruits. Similarly, Vitamin E also can reduce the production of melanin pigment in the skin. Pomegranate extracts are also beneficial in disrupting melanin production. Hence using simple home ingredients, you can get benefits of those expensive creams and oral medicines that give results which are way too better without producing any harm to your skin. For more information on Skin Bleaching creams, read our review of what we consider to be the best Skin Bleaching creams on the market.