There are over 30 trillion micro-organisms that reside in our stomach and gut. They live in there and perform many vital functions. The most important function they are performing is the processing and digestion of food in the gut and intestine. Their work does not stop over only controlling the gastrointestinal processes but far more than that. Research has proved that these micro-organisms are also regulating a number of other functions like one’s mood, heart health, weight loss, and brain functioning.

It is believed that a healthy gut is important for regulating many functions in your body. It influences other parts of the body and ultimately supports their functions as well. That’s why an optimal level of micro-organisms in the gut is necessary to make it work appropriately. Hence a healthy gut is important for normal functioning of your overall body. But sadly, very few of us know how to keep an optimal number of micro-organisms in your gut. It is also important to know how one can maintain the health of these micro-organisms, so they can work efficiently for your gut.

However, whatever the matter is, if you are new in knowing and maintain about your gut health and are using probiotics since shortly then this article will be going to be very helpful for you to give a read. We will be discussing briefly how you can boost your gut and the micro-organisms working within it.

Probiotics helping to restore Micro-organisms in the gut

Probiotics To Restore Your Gut FloraOne way of restoring or regaining your gut flora is by the means of probiotics and supplements. Gut flora is actually the community of helpful micro-organisms that are living in our gut and digestive tract. They help in processing and digesting food in the digestive tract. Probiotics which consists of millions of live cultures of these micro-organisms are so famous these days. They are promoting the already existing number of micro-organisms in the gut by delivering live cultures to it. These micro-organisms include healthy bacteria and yeast that improve our gut health.

These micro-organisms are naturally present in many foods such as yogurt, cheese, and other dairy products. Yet they can be taken up in the form of synthetic probiotics which contain billions of live strains of bacteria in them. These pills are taken orally as you take other medicines and are easily available in the markets. They have a lot of benefits such as:

  • Support immune and digestive health
  • Improve allergies and skin health
  • Reduce blood pressure

Although delivering numerous benefits, yet the mechanism of action of these probiotics is not exactly known. The only thing we know about these is that they work differently for different individuals.

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If you ever bought a probiotic supplement, you may have noticed that it has range from 1 to 100 billion CFU. CFU stands for colony-forming units which indicated the number of live microorganism contained on each serving.

Another thing we don’t know about bacteria is that all of them are not bad for our health. There are good types of bacteria present which have been used in making antibiotics. Millions of these bacteria are also living inside our body regulating its functions which would have been difficult without them. All bacteria delivered through probiotics or by natural food products will be attached to the walls of your intestine and diploid the microbiome present over there. They tend to fight against bacteria that are harmful to your health.

Food items that naturally help boost your Gut Flora:

Naturally Boost Your Gut Flora

1. Bananas

Banana is the fruit that is known to contain natural resistant starch in it. This makes hard for your gut to digest the food you eat and take it longer to be digested. Bacteria present in the stomach work rigorously to digest it making them stronger.

2. Broccoli

Broccoli is one of the foods that are considered to be the healthiest amongst all. It fights back against inflammations in the colon and hence prevents colon cancers. It also contains complexes which help improve the immune system and maintain a healthy number of micro-organisms in the gut.

3. Beans

Studies have shown that women need 25 grams of fibers while men need 38 grams of fibers daily. This amount of fibers can be obtained through beans. Beans are rich in fibers and help in feeding good bacteria in the gut. This keeps them healthy and efficient. Hence, they are the best and the easiest source of gaining these fibers and keep bacterial colonies healthier.

4. Chickpeas

As similar to beans, chickpeas are a great source of fibers. One cup of chickpeas give you at least 14 grams of fibers which are enough for feeding residing healthy bacteria in the gut.

5. Garlic

Mostly garlic has been used in garnishing the food, but it contains a lot of health benefits. It kills harmful bacteria and detoxifies your body when eaten in raw form.

6. Kombucha

This is basically a type of tea that has countless benefits for guts. This helps in deploying the bacterial colonies in the gut and boosts their working.

7. Sauerkraut

This is a fermented cabbage which is an incredible source of healthy bacteria. But it is better to make sauerkraut at your home. As the stored one usually contains chemicals, which mostly kills the healthy bacteria present in it.

Healthy gut leads to a healthy life

As we have discussed earlier micro-organisms are necessary for an optimal level of body functioning. It helps to regulate your gut health which ultimately leads to a healthy immune system, efficient brain functioning, regulating blood sugar level, and maintain your weight up to a normal level. It is quite obvious that if your gut is not healthy, you might have problems in digesting the food properly which ultimately leads to obesity. This condition is called dysbiosis. This further gives rise to bowel irritation syndrome. Hence a healthy gut is vitally important for healthy functioning of the body.


Hopefully, this article will be enough for you to know how probiotics and prebiotics are important for a healthy gut functioning. This also has let you know that how you can obtain them artificially and as well naturally. So, a healthy gut can give you a stronger immune system thus enhancing overall functioning.