If you are enjoying styling your hair by a blow dryer, iron or any other tool, you will probably be concerned about heat damage. It is a very common problem nowadays and unfortunately, if you do not care about this, it will damage your hair. We are going to discuss the initial warning signs of heat damage and how you can prevent heat damage.

Heat damage

What Is Heat Damage?

When you have applied too much heat to your hair or heat for too long, heat damage occurs. Heat damage can damage even strong and healthy hair so do proper care of your hair to avoid heat damage. Following are the warning signs of heat damage:

Dry and Rough texture

The early signs of heat damage include rough and dry texture. If the cuticle is damaged, that means the moisture within is released and you will not able to nourish your hair anymore. This can result in dry hair and has a crispy feel to it.

Split ends

Keep a close eye on the ends of your hair and watch out for any type of knot or a split in it. The ends are understandably the driest areas of hair as well as the most likely to tangle.

Excessive hair fall

Most of us naturally lose 50 to 100 hair a day, but if you are suddenly noticing that you are losing more, then it could be a result of heat damage. If you are noticing a sudden increase hair fall, take care of it. Although excessive hair fall can also happen for other reasons like stress, hormone changes, illness, and surgery.

Dyed hair color changes

If you are using hair color and you start to notice that the same product giving you different color what you are expecting, then this is the sign of heat damage. Try to avoid hair color product as long as you can and rely on natural hair.


Healthy and strong hair always look lustrous and shiny even if they are curly. If you washed your hair, and they are giving you dull look even after shampoo, then there’s a good chance of heat damage effect.

How to Repair Heat Damage

How To Repair Heat Damage

As we have discussed the early sign of heat damage, now it’s the time to know about how to repair heat damage and begin a new regime for your hair. After knowing the early signs, you should treat your hair immediately because the longer you delay treating the heat damage, the words it can get. Following are some important tips that how you can repair heat damage.

Change your shampoo

The first and most important step is to change your shampoo and immediately switch to a gentle and nourishing shampoo. Although gentle, nourishing and clarifying shampoos are great they shouldn’t be used if you have serious heat damage issue. Wash your hair with cool or lukewarm water and avoid wash it with hot water. Try to wash your hair less as much as you can as it enables your hair’s natural oils to nourish the strands.

Switch Up your conditioner too

As mentioned above about changing your shampoo to new gentle shampoo, combine new shampoo with a protein-based conditioned, as it can help you to repair the damage. By using conditioner with shampoo will provide nourishment and help your hair to stay hydrated. Always follow the instructions carefully to prevent further damage.

Give some time to recover

Don’t expect good results of heat damage repair overnight as it will take some time to recover. Follow the instructions regular basis and take good care of your hair if you want results. Ask your hairdresser about the best hairstyle for this specific time period that can protect your hair from further damage.

Dry it gently

In heat damage repair time, avoid using a blow dryer, iron or other tools, and sometimes if it is important for you to use the blow dryer, then make sure you only use the cold air setting. Never rub your hair to dry it, use a microfiber towel instead. Another important tip to dry your hair is to use an old t-shirt as they are very gentle.

Avoid Coloring

Try to stay away from coloring your hair for a while as it will help you to prevent heat damage. If it is important for you to color it, go for a gentle semi-permanent hair dye instead of a permanent one. This will not damage your hair to that extent.

How to prevent heat damage

How To Prevent Heat Damage

It is always easy to prevent heat damage than it is to cure it. Try to use the following methods to treat your hair a bit kinder.

Thermal Protection

Always use good heat protectant spray or serum because many heat protectants have ingredients include vitamins, keratin proteins, and argan oil. These ingredients can improve your overall health of the hair and also nourish your hair.

Remove knots and tangles

Before the heat treatments, try to remove the knots and tangles. Try to use a blow dryer, straightener for less period of time to avoid heat damage.

Eat a healthy Diet

A poor diet can weaken your hair and skin but eating the healthy foods can make the world of difference. Make sure that you are getting enough proteins, mineral, and vitamins. Always try to eat a balanced diet and avoid eating processed food and saturated foods.

Prolong your style

Don’t wash your hair every day and use a blow dryer and other tools for styling. Try to prolong your style for at least 2-3 days a week.

Drink a lot of water

If you want to care for your body and hair, aim to drink at least 8 glass of water each day. This will help in keeping your cells active and working efficiently along with a healthy diet.


We have given you the best tips that can help you to recover and prevent further damage to your hair. try to maintain the health of your hair because it is so much easier to prevent harm than fix it.Read our reviews to find out more. If you have any other tip regarding this, let us know in comments.