If you are a regular blow-drier user and heavily rely on straighteners for hair styling, you will know that it can cause over drying, split ends and singeing. If you set the heat too high, it can cause heat damage. You can overcome this issue by using good quality hair protectants which can surely make a huge difference.

But at some point, you just want to give your hair a break and wants to restore their strength so that they remain healthy. Now we will talk about some methods by which you can straighten your hair naturally. Before we get started we want to clear you one thing that these following methods are not going to give you the perfect results. Following are some important methods to straighten your hair.

1. Try to Sleep in Pony Tails

Method 1 – Sleep In Pony Tails

This method can straighten your hair to some extent and also very helpful to stay straight after using hairbrush straightener. You can use different sections of your hair according to your need, but if you have curlier hair naturally, then you probably need more sections. You can also combine this method of Ponytails with a silk scarf, it will help you to reduce friction between your hair and your sheets overnight. It will also help your hair to stay smooth and silky naturally.

When you washed your hair, try to squeeze the excess water from your hair. Don’t rub your hair and try to gently pat it with a towel. Otherwise, it can cause frizz.

After working on the first section with a wide-tooth comb, follow on with a comb having smaller teeth, as it will help to smooth your hair even more. Once you have worked through the method with a small-tooth comb, fix a hair tie loosely to the top of the section of hair around the height of the nap of your neck. After this, comb down the section of hair again and attached another hair tie about an inch below the first. Try to repeat these steps on each section of your hair.

Silk Scarf

By using silk scarf, you can greatly reduce the friction between your hair pillow during your sleep. Therefore, it can make a huge difference in achieving your style. There are two methods of using silk scarf

  •  Separate your hair into two organized sections-one each side of your head, arrange the silk scarf over your head with midpoints around your natural parting. After this, attach the first hair band around the top section of your hair, slip the scarf through. With every hair tie, you add on a scarf, wrap the scarf around the bunch of hair and then lo it through the tie to secure it.
  • The second method is suitable for those people who used more than two sections of hair. After finishing the hair ties, put the scarf over your head while securing it with some pins. The next step is to gather the bunches sections and wrap the scarf around them.

The silk scarf is not expensive though, so if you don’t have silk then make sure you buy it. You can buy it from the top online website and you will love it as it is made from 100 % mulberry silk.

2. Use of hair mask

Method 2 – Use A Hair Mask Regularly

The use of hair mask is not to create perfect iron hair, the idea is to nourish your hair, locking in moisture, vitamins, and anti-oxidants that can help you to strengthen your hair. It will also help to reduce frizz and repair damaged hair. There are a number of hair straightening masks in the market and you can easily find them anywhere. Apply the hair mask on your hair and it will repair, restores and protects your hair.

3. A Bun

Method 3 – A Bun

Just like method no 1 of ponytails, this technique is also useful for fixing your hair so that it does not curl while sleeping. Although it is less secure than ponytails, it is suitable for people who don’t have curly hair. It can give you extremely well if you wrap it in silk scarf overnight. It will give your hair a natural shinning, nourishing look. After washing hair and conditioning your hair, squeeze out the excess water and gently squeeze your hair dry with a towel.

4. Use a Straightening Brush

How To Prevent Heat Damage

There is a lot of amazing hairbrush straightener in the market you can use to get amazing results in less time. There are two types of hair straightener brush, one with bristles, another one just like regular hairbrush but heat up. Although it is not considered as a natural method of straightening, it can give you natural amazing results in 5-10 minutes. The reason for choosing this device in this list is because it is not as intense as regular flat iron if you choose a model which looks like a hairbrush. Always use the brush with low temperature to avoid damaging your hair and avoid using it at high temperature. You can check the best hair straightener brush on our website so that you can easily choose the best one.

5. Use A Straightener

Method 5 – Use A Straightener

It is not a natural method of hair straightening but it is very handy if you want to set it perfect for an event. You can combine the straightener with some other natural methods mentioned above to get better results. Always use the straightener on the lowest temperature setting to get effective result. After using this device, the hair looks more shiny, attractive, silky, and nourishing. If you have a good straightener, it will give you prolong hairstyle.Check out our reviews to see comparisons between different hairbrush straighteners and pick the right one for yourself


So, we have mentioned the best methods for achieving hair naturally. It is not only about straightening the hair, but it is also about caring for your hair. You need to maintain and nourishing its moisture so that it stays healthy, strong and heat damage free. So, follow the methods on a regular basis to get the desired results.