If you have been reading these articles regularly then you might have come across a name Ion technology various times. This is relatively a new technology being introduced in hair styling tools industry. Most of the hair styling products being discussed and reviewed over here are using this technology these days, especially hot air brushes. This is a pretty new technology in the industry. Most of the people are not aware of it or it might only be known to the people who have been using hot air brushes frequently. Whether you are a beginner in using hot air brushes or even using them for quite a long time, yet you must get to know about this technology. If you really want to know what exactly this technology is and how does it work, then you must not miss out this article and give it a read for at least once.

What Ion Technology exactly is?

Whenever a device uses an ion technology it means that it becomes an electric ionizer. One of the main jobs an electric ionizer performs is the generation of electrical ions. Same is the case with your hot air hair brush. Whenever it is plugged into electricity it also becomes an electric ionizer. This electric ionizer starts generating and releasing ions. These are negative ions. Now the question that can arise in your mind could be that why only negative ions?? The answer to the question is quite simple. When these negative ions are being released into your hair they neutralize the already existing positive ions in your hair. Whenever you take bath or brush your hair or even rub your hair with a towel, it removes negative ions from your hair. This can make your hair vulnerable to many hair problems like hair breakage, frizz, flyaway or sometimes even hair fall as well. This happens because all of your negative ions have been removed and your hair has lost the natural neutral ability. Strands of your hair start repelling each other due to the presence of similar ions.

Ion Technology in Hot Air Hair Brush

As the hot air hair brush is plugged into electricity and switched on it becomes an electric ionizer. It activates negative ions present in the tool. As you start running your brush on to the hair the activated negative ions start releasing into your hair strands and make them neutral in charge. That’s why your hot air hair brush always uses electricity or batteries to activate the existing negative ions in them. So basically, while the whole drying process, your hot air hair brush releases negative ions and restores the natural ionic balance of the hair. This makes your hair look smoother and shinier. It also prevents them from breakage and frizz.

Advantages of using Ion Technology in Hot Air Hair Brush

So now you all can have a better understanding of what this ion technology actually is and how does it work. There are many brands who are selling the hair styling products which use this ion technology, for example, Infiniti Pro by Conair Hot Air Spin Styler. As mentioned previously this ion technology generates and releases negative ions, this makes your hair reduce static and flyaway of your hair. It also helps to reduce and prevent frizz in your hair. Once the negative ions are released into your hair they get bind to the positive ions and seal the broken hair cuticles and split ends. This not only heals the damage that has already been done to the hair but also prevents them from the damage that can be done in the future. So, your hair might not get pulled off or break as frequently as previously.

Another great benefit you can get from your hot air brush is that you can dry your hair in as much less time as you can imagine of drying with regular hair dryer. This makes the water molecules fall off faster than the old-fashioned hair dryers and makes the drying process easier. You only have to run the brush through the hair strands and you are done. The faster heating will also let your hair less exposed to heat hence making lesser damage to your hair. This running of the brush into the hair strands also increases the blood circulation from roots to tips hence making them stronger and healthier.

Another benefit of using hot air hair brush is that it locks in the natural moisture of the hair and prevent them from drying. This makes your hair feel lighter, look healthier and shine luminously. This also increases volume your hair and your hair become easily manageable.


Once you go through this article, it will be very beneficial for you to compare your hot air hair brush with conventional hair dryers. Hopefully, this article will help you understand the use of the latest ion technology in hot air brushes and the benefits they have been providing to their users. Although they are slightly expensive than the other hot air brushes that do not use the same technology. But of course, the price is worth it. So, it is intelligent to invest money in a product that lasts longer and has benefits that others cannot provide.