Although there are a lot of skin tanning oils available in the market under different renowned brands and companies. But the actual thing is that how you would use these skin tanning oils in the right way to get flawless tanned skin.

Below will be discussed a few steps which will guide you on how to use these tanning oils properly to get most out of them;

Step 1: Make sure to exfoliate your skin prior to apply the oil

Always ensure to exfoliate your skin before you apply the oil on it. Use any good quality scrub or homemade paste in order to exfoliate your skin. This step will make your skin smooth and clean your pores completely. By doing so will help the tanning oil to work on your skin in a good way. Secondly, it will also remove all the dryness from your skin which probably can affect the tanning process. It will moisturize your skin and give it a rejuvenating look even prior to the tanning. Clean smooth skin will give you a tan which you wonder.

Step 2: Application of the oil

Once you are done with exfoliation part, now is the time to apply the oil on your skin. Trust me or not this is the most interesting part of the whole process. While applying the oil, always go slow and pour a little amount of oil on your hand to spread it all around. As these tanning oils are usually viscous so you don’t need to apply a lot of the oil on your body.

First apply a little amount of oil, rub it all around evenly and absorb it completely on your body. If you think that the oil isn’t enough to work for and you still need more oil in order to moist your skin well, only then you can pour a few more drops of it. Repeat the process, apply the oil, spread it evenly and absorb it completely into your skin.

Try to give good coverage of the oil to your skin and apply an even layer on the whole of your body. Trust me, by following this step you can get the tan which you were wishing for. No matter what brand you are using, this step can help you gain at least a good tan.

Step 3: Go out in the sun and enjoy a sunbath

As you are already done with the application procedure, the third step is to go out in the sun and have a soothing sunbath. You can choose a beach or go to a poolside for this purpose. Lie down on the matt or on a poolside chair and expose your body completely to the sun rays.

Calm yourself down, close your eyes, listen to the music and take deep breaths. You can always use sun shades or goggles to avoid sun rays to go into your eyes. You don’t need to worry about your skin. As your oil contains good quality SPF which will protect your skin from dangerous UV rays coming out of the sun.

The oil applied to the body will let it absorb the sun rays and aid the tanning process. It will make the process faster and will help you gain your desired natural tan look.

natural tanning oils

Step 4: Go to swimming and have fun

If you want to have fun with all of the tanning oil on your body, you can always have it the way you want. So, if you are on the beach or on the poolside, why not to have a swimming session over there. Have 2 or 3 laps of the pool or several dips into the water and get your body wet. Enjoy the sun and have fun at the beach with all the tanning oil on the body. But make sure that once you are done with your swimming sessions or get your body wet, apply another layer of the tanning oil once again. This is because water would have probably removed all the oil from the body. To apply another layer means you are getting most out of your sunny day and whole tanning process. Wet skin also means that you are going to hydrate your body along with tanning sessions.

Step 5: Apply any good quality moisturizer in between tanning sessions

If you want an extra smooth and hydrated skin, you must not miss out applying any good quality moisturizer all over your body before going to sleep. This will not only soften your skin but also hydrate it and make it look smooth as ever before. Moisturizing will help your tanning oil work better and speed up the whole process.

You can moisturize your body using any of a renowned company’s moisturizer. We will suggest you BB Gold oil. This is enriched with cocoa oil and nourishes your skin completely. It also has anti-viral properties and penetrates into your skin as fast as one can only imagine. This miraculous oil will give you a natural glow which you would have once dreamt off only.

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