How To Use Hair Toppers?

How To Use Hair Toppers

For most people especially women, their hair is their top priority. Undoubtedly, hair is the most essential part of our attire. But our precious hair also requires our attention and care. If not provided with proper care, our hair can become frizzy and dull. You might face the problem of hair fall or hair thinning. Having hair problems can be a drastic nightmare for women. But to every problem, there is always a solution. Hair toppers can be the solution to your problem. Hair toppers can help you solve your hair loss problem and can also give your natural hair proper volume and thickness.

In this article, we will provide you with information about the usage of hair toppers so that you can make your hair look classy and stylish.

Hair Toppers

Hair toppers are also called top pieces or partial wigs. They are very famous for their use. If you are facing the problem of partial hair loss or thinning hair then using a hair topper is a very good idea for you. A hair topper is mostly similar to a wig but there are slight differences between the two hair accessories. A wig fully covers your head whereas a hair topper does not provide full coverage of the head. Hair toppers are mostly used to cover partial hair loss. They are incorporated into your already existing natural hair. Hair toppers can solve your problem of thinning hair by providing your hair with the volume and length that you want. Hair toppers are made with synthetic hair and can also be made from human hair. They are available in stores, in all different sizes and colours. Hair toppers can give you the perfect classy hairstyle that you desire.

Ease of operation

Hair toppers are usually very easy to handle. If it is your first time using a hair topper, you might want to know about the use of this hairstyling accessory before using it on your hair. Here we have provided you with information on how to use a hair topper.

How to use a hair topper

Follow these simple steps to style your hair perfectly with a hair topper.

  • Start by prepping your hair. Brush your natural hair thoroughly. Make sure to remove all the knots. Check if there are tangles in your hair topper. You can also brush the hair topper if you want.
  • Take your hair topper and carefully open all the clips that are present inside the hair topper.
  • Gently tease your natural hair so that they are completely secured.
  • Apply some hair spray on your natural hair. Do not use the hair spray on your hair topper.
  • Now place the hair topper on the section of hair loss. Start by closing the front clips of your hair topper and then close the rest of the clips. Always start from the front and then move towards the back clips. After carefully securing the front and back clips, close the clips that are present on the side of the hair topper.
  • Adjust your hair topper according to your comfort. Make sure you are comfortable so that you can wear the hair topper easily.


That’s it you can now style your perfectly beautiful hair according to your preferences and enjoy your perfect voluminous hair. You can style your hair in a bun or a ponytail while using a hair topper.

Tips for hair toppers

Here are some tips to take care of your hair topper.

  • Do not over shampoo your hair topper. Some shampoos contain certain chemicals that are not good for hairpieces.
  • While going for a swim make sure to keep your hair topper safe. The pool water contains chlorine that can cause permanent damage to your hair topper. So it is a good idea to wear a swim cap if you wish to spend some time in the pool.
  • It is essential to regularly apply conditioner to your hair topper because the hair topper does not produce sebum of its own.
  • It is not advisable to overuse the hairdryer on your hair topper. The hairdryer can dry out your hair topper.
  • Protect your hair topper from sun rays.
  • Regularly remove all the knots from your hair topper.


Hair toppers can make your life easy and relaxed. They can provide your natural hair with the perfect volume and length. Hair toppers are easily available in stores and are very famous for their use. You can enjoy a classy and elegant hairstyle by using a hair topper.