If you are tired of waxing your hair and find it difficult and painful then you might be thinking of switching to use hair removal creams. For that purpose, you must not know the correct method of using hair removal creams and how they can be more effective for you. They are cheaper and take much less time than any other hair removing method.

Preparing to use the cream

Choosing the right cream for your skin type: When you plan to use a hair removal cream you might come across different products available under different brand names. The only thing you have to keep in your mind is the place where you intend to use it.

  • These creams are available in different forms, for instance, gel, sprays, and roll-ons. Roll-ons are easy to use but not very effective in terms of removing hair
  • If you are looking for a product for face and bikini area, then go for the creams with a special formula for these sensitive areas
  • If you have sensitive skin, then you must talk to your dermatologist first. You can also choose from the creams which have natural ingredients like aloe vera or green tea

Talk to a dermatologist if you have any skin issues before or have extra sensitive skin: Cream being directly applied on to your skin can cause skin reactions especially if you have sensitive skin.

Try to speak to your doctor if

  • You ever had any skin allergic reaction before due to anything you have used
  • You are on any sort of medicine including acne medicine
  • If you have ever had any skin problem like eczema, rosacea, or psoriasis

Go for an allergy test prior to using the cream: It is always better to test your skin prior to use the product.

  • Apply the cream on a small area where you intend to apply. Check for the next 24 hours if the product has caused any reactions or not

Make sure that the intended area must be free from scars, cuts or bruises: In order to avoid any kind of skin, reactions must check the area for any skin burns, moles, cuts or scars.

  • If you have any chemical burns or scars, avoid applying the product over there and at least wait for a day or 2 to get it settled down

Wash, clean and dry your skin thoroughly afterward: Make sure to wash off the entire product from your skin to avoid any reaction afterward.

  • Always wash with lukewarm water as it will make it easier to break all the hair easily
  • Never go for extremely hot water as it will make your skin dry

For example, the Veet Gel Keeps your skin hydrated and looks smooth and soft, while the Nair Cocoa Butter is a great choice for dry skin. Take a look at our full review to decide which is best for you.

Applying the cream

Read the leaf carefully and go by the instructions thoroughly to follow the steps in a right way: Once you are done with selecting the right product for your skin, always try to give a read to the instructions given on the leaf. This is to avoid any sort of problem as different products have their own way of use. Some creams only take 3 minutes to do the job while others require at least 7-10 minutes to completely remove your hair. So, it is better to go by the instructions accordingly;

Applying the cream

  • You can always read the instructions written on the bottle in case you lost the leaf. Or else you can also have a look over the website and read the instructions over there
  • Always check for the expiry date of the product so you must not use the product after the use by date. It can cause many skin reactions

Always apply a thick, even layer of the cream on to the skin to get better results: The cream comes with a plastic spatula with it. Apply the cream with the help of that spatula over the area and spread it evenly. Don’t rub it on the area

  • Applying evenly would help you remove all the hair completely leaving no patches on the skin
  • Avoid applying the cream into the nostrils, ears, genitals or nipples as these areas are highly sensitive

Leave the cream on the area for the required period of time: As discussed earlier each product takes its own time to leave the cream accordingly. It is better to check in between from a smaller area so that you can have an idea whether the product is working or not.

  • Always try to follow the time. It is always better to set a stopwatch in order to not exceed the time limit
  • If you feel itching or irritation in between the process, or see any redness, remove the cream immediately. It might cause further reactions to your skin
  • Usually, these creams contain some punching or irritating smells. This is quite normal while using ay cream from any brand

Remove the cream with a damp towel or the spatula: Never rub the cream, rather wipe it off gently. Wash the area with lukewarm water and clean it thoroughly. To minimize any skin reaction

  • Pat the skin gently. Don’t rub or wipe it off with harsh strokes
  • Use a moisturizer afterward to sooth the skin and to hydrate it

There is nothing to worry about if your skin becomes red or you feel itching afterward: Try not to scratch the skin where you applied and removed the skin. It will cause irritation. Wear soft and comfortable clothes afterward. A little redness or itching is normal. But if this problem continues then go and consult your doctor.

Final thoughts

Follow the instructions completely, and avoid sunbathing, swimming, or tanning for next 24 hours: Read the leaf carefully and if it says any specific instructions to follow, for example, restraining from sunbathing or tanning, avoid the activities for the next 24 hours at least, to minimize any chances of harm or problem in future. It might cause many skin problems. Also, do not apply any shaving foam or hair removing cream on the area till the next 72 hours.