If you want a smooth and silky finish of shaving, without doing waxing and mess of depilatory creams, then you are at right place. The answer to all your question is epilator which can give you a silky-smooth finish and it is long lasting up to 6 weeks. We will talk about how to use epilator so that you can get the best-desired results and get the most out of it.

Choosing Your Epilator

If you are planning to buy an epilator, then its price is between $30 and $300 depending on the quality you choose. Epilator with high quality has more tweezers and have more attachments for using on a different part of your body for a perfect finish. If you are new to an epilator, then you should choose waterproof epilator that you can easily use in the shower and you will feel less discomfort. The wet and dry epilator is also convenient because you don’t need to sit on a towel after a hair removal session.

If you want to get the best epilator with high quality, then the best body epilator we loved was the Braun Silk Epil 9 which catches 0.5mm length hairs. It gives you a shaver for sensitive areas and gives you a set of exfoliation brushes that help to prevent ingrown hairs.

Plan Ahead

If you are new to epilating, then don’t do it in a hurry. Don’t do it in rush and always et a time for this activity. Although it is more time taking than shaving, after a few sessions you will do it in quick time without feeling any sensations. There will be only small red dots after epilating but don’t worry they are not harmless and will go after a few minutes.


If you are planning to do epilating so our suggestion is to do it in the evening. It will hurt you less and the redness of your skill will go down overnight. Avoid doing it if you are on your periods because you will feel more sensations of pain.

Preparing Your skin

It is a great idea to exfoliate before you begin epilating as this will remove your dead skin from the surface. This will reduce the chance of you getting ingrown hairs. We recommend you to choose St Ives which is free of oils, sulfates, and parabens. If you choose a non-waterproof epilator, make sure that your skin is completely dry.

Preparing Your skin

If you are using a waterproof epilator, you don’t need to worry about dry skin but make sure that you have clean skin. This is hygienic, and it makes the hairs oil and harder to catch hold of with the epilating tweezers.

Turn it on

If you are new to epilating, then its sound is far scarier than they actually are. Always start on the area which is less sensitive such as your lower leg. Hold your epilator with one hand at 90 degrees, resting against your skin but don’t try to push into it. This angle will help you to pick up the hairs efficiently with fewer sensations.

With your other hand which is free, pull your skin taut as this will helps the hair to come out easier and it will reduce the discomfort you feel.

In the start, it can be a little uncomfortable for you as you are not used to it, but after a few sessions, you will be happier, satisfied and used to the sensations. You don’t need to do this in a hurry, in fact, try to do pass the epilator over your body slower as it gives the tweezer more of a chance to pick up the hairs. You can take breaks while epilating or you can do it in stages. The reason is that the more often you epilate, the less it hurts, and the hair will come out easier.



After the epilating session, it is normal that your skin will be little red and bumpy, and it will go in a few hours. This will happen every time and it is absolutely fine to have red and bumpy skin. For more care, you can use Aloe Vera or witch hazel-based moisturizer which can soothe your skin. You can also use tea tree oil on bikini areas as it is naturally antiseptic.


If you want to remain clean and hygiene, then you need to clean your epilator after use. Most of the models come with small brushes that help you to dust off the hairs easily. If you have a waterproof epilator, you can clean the attachments with rubbing alcohol.

Top Tips for using your Epilator

We have discussed almost everything above, but these are the top tips we have for you:

  • Wet/dry model

Try to choose a wet and dry model because it gives you more flexibility. It is a perfection option for beginners and t is less painful to use.

  • Light LED

If you are choosing an epilator, make sure choose the model with light LED as it will help you to show the finer and fairer hairs you might miss.

  • Epilate in the evening

Try to do in the evening as you are more relaxed in the evening. The red and bumpy skin after epilating can settle overnight as well.

  • Know your cycle

You should know your circle and don’t do this when you are on a period.

  • Pull your skin taut

Try to pull your skin taut especially in sensitive areas as it will help to catch awkward hairs and make the epilation easier quicker and less painful.