If you are much into using hot air brushes and want to know tips and tactics to use them so that you can get maximum benefits from it. Then this article is a must-read article. Because it is going to help you out in using your hair styling tools correctly.

Warm-Up time

Most of the people start running their hot brushes as soon as they plug in their styling tool into the switchboard. Actually, they think they can save their time by doing so especially if they are running late in the morning. But they are entirely wrong. It takes any hair styling tool at least a few seconds to get warmed up to an optimal level so that it can work well for you. By running a cold hairbrush on your hair can result in the wastage of time instead. Because you have to run the brush another time on the areas which were done previously with a not so hot air brush. So, we will recommend you to give your hot airbrush a little time to get warm up once. Then start using your brush afterward so that your styling might not take so long.

Part your hair into sections

Another tip for using hot air hair brush is that never start running your brush randomly on your hair. Instead, always try to part your hair into various sections. Be careful while parting your hair into sections that they must neither be very thin nor be very thick. If the hair section will be too thin, then they might get damaged as a very thin part will be exposed to the heat. This can result in breakage and hair fall. On the other hand, if the section you divided will be a thicker one then the brush might not run smoothly on it and can take longer than normal time. Another thing to be kept in the mind is that always start parting your hair from the back of your head, moving towards the sides and ultimately towards the top and front of the head. Be precise in parting the sections into equal ones so that there must be lesser damage to your hair from heat.

Begin the brushing

Once you are done with warming up your brush and parting your hair into sections, you are now ready to begin the brushing process. Always start to brush your hair from the roots and moves towards the tips. Be gentle while doing the process. This will be good if you want to add volume to your hair. Yet you can use various hair products like volumizing sprays or powders in order to add more volume to them. Always be sure that your hair must not be too wet while brushing as this can be damaging for your hair. At least 80% of your hair must be dry so that brush can go smoothly through your hair. If you are making curls into your hair using your hot air brush the procedure will be slightly different. Start running the brush from the roots to the tip and then rolling the hair strand around the brush, start moving back towards the roots again. Keep the brush in this position for at least 5 seconds. Then release the hair from the brush gently and you are done with the curl as well. This will give you nice bigger curls.

How to use your Hot Air Brush correctly

Letting the hairbrush cool down

It is ideally beneficial to let your hot air brush cool down before you pull the brush out of your hair. Let your brush cool down for about 5-10 seconds before you pull it out. Sometimes your hot airbrush comes with cooling on/Off button with it. So, it becomes easier for you to turn off the brush for a few seconds before pulling it out of the hair. You can do it manually as well by turning off the switch for a few seconds. This process gives your curl a more defined and a set shape and they can set longer comparatively.

These were a few tips and techniques that you can follow, in between and after using a hot airbrush. We are sure that these tips will works for you as they work for most of the people around and give you a more confident look you ever had. If you haven’t already got one, take a look at our article where we compare best hot hair brush to see which one is right for you!