Curly hair can spoil your mood, day and even life as well. Most of you people are fed up with flat irons, running like hell and wasting a lot of money on different products. If you want to straighten your hair on regular basis, but you want to cut off the risk of hair damage and time you spend doing it, then you have to start using the hairbrush straightener. With the use of hair brush straightener, you can get amazing results within minutes and without compromising on the quality of style. If you start using hairbrush straightener, I guarantee you will not look back to any other product for hair straightening. They can save your time, give you the best quality results and easy to get the handoff. We are going to talk about how to use a straightening brush for getting quality results.

What you should do before straightening

What you should do before straightening

Now I will tell you how to use this device at home to get a <arel=”nofollow noopener noreferrer” href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>stunning look in a few minutes. Here are the step by step guide for preparing procedure.

1. Wash your hair

The first and most important tip for you guys is that always wash your hair before using hair straightening brush. Washing your hair before starting styling will help you to look and feel better and it will maintain your style for longer.

2. Dry your hair before styling

Before using hair straightening brush, you need to dry your hair with air dry or blow dryer. If you start using hair straightening brush on wet hair, the high temperature of the device will damage your hair. So, always keep it in your mind that before using the straightening brush, you need to ensure it is dry.

3. Use heat protectants

Always apply some heat protectant to hair after you have shampooed and conditioned your hair. Whether it is in the form of oil, spray or serum, choose a type that is best and suitable for your hair type. The heat protectant gives your hair a little extra resilience against the hair treatment. Although the hair straightening brush is very gentle on the hair still you need to take care of them.

4. Do not straighten hair with splitting ends

If your hair is splitting, don’t try to straighten the tips as it will look messy and ridiculous. Get them a proper haircut and ask the professional hairdresser to give some recommendations which product you should use while straightening.

5. Divide your hair up

If you have thick hair, you need to divide them to make your job easier. No matter how thick hair do you have, you need to divide them roughly into left, right, back, so that you can scoop them all into the top of your head. Let the small sections down gradually as you work around them. The easiest way is to have some hair clips so that you can pin it up with.

6. Suitable temperature levels

Turn on your hair straightening brush and set the temperature according to your hair type. You will need to set the temperature lower if you have dyed hair than your normal hair type. We would recommend you start it from lowest temperature and then increase it according to your need.

Process of straightening

Switch on the Device and set the desired temperature according to your hair type, straighten locks from the roots to tips vertically to your head. Use the product on each divided area of the hair. Within a few minutes of use, the brush leaves your lock silky, gorgeous, and electric-free just like after a visit to the salon.

After you have worked through all of your hair, switch off the hair straightening brush and let it cool. You can apply hairspray or wax to keep your hair in place. After applying the <arel=”nofollow noopener noreferrer” href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>heat protectant, don’t forget to clean the hairbrush with cleaning cloth to remove any residue.

Useful tip
Try to straighten your hair on average 2 times a week as it will help your hair to look silky and smooth.

Touching Up

If you don’t wash your hair regularly, then you will find out that your straightened style holds for two-three days. If it is starting to spring back again, then you can touch it up with your brush but always remember to keep the temperature low. To get healthy hair, always start from low temperate and only increase according to your need.

Why use a hair straightening brush?

Why use a hair straightening brush?

  • Easy to use
  • Work both as comb and straightener
  • Lower heat required
  • Less chance of hair damage
  • You can create a cool hairstyle in 5-10 minutes without any assistance.
  • Suitable temperature levels
  • Save time, money and nerves
  • Far less fiddly than using a flat iron


So now you can see how easy is to straighten your hair with hairbrush straighteners. It is quick, gives your fabulous result in less time, gentler on your hair and less chance of hair damage. So, if you are fed up of your curly hair, try these amazing hair straightening brush to enjoy cool hairstyles.