How To Use a Hair Waver! Step-by-Step Hair Tutorial!

How to use hair waver

Do you find beach waves extremely charming, or is it just us? Beachy waves are now the most trendy hairstyle ever. They have become an internet sensation that is taking over every other hairdo. The most prominent reason for this is they suit every hair type, length, and face shape. So basically everyone can enjoy them.

Creating those sleek and elegant waves might seem like a tough job, but the reality is quite the opposite. You can easily create them by using hair wavers. Using these hairstyling tools is not complex at all. Here you will be learning how to use a hair waver in a few easy steps, so let’s cut to the chase and begin the process right now!

Steps to create beachy waves with a hair waver

 1.Start with prepping your hair

 This is one most important step you must begin with. It is crucial to prep your hair with a proper serum, oil, or creams to act as a heat protectant.  This will protect your hair against heat damage. Make sure all your hairs are properly exposed to your respective heat protectant.

   2.Section off your hairs:

The second step is to create sections in your hair. Doing this will make the job easier and better for you. When adding waves to your hair, add them one section at a time, alternating between the two sides of your head.

  • Take the top half of your hair and pull it upwards for proper hair sectioning. Secure it with a clip or a pin.
  • Now Hold a 1-inch section of hair on one side of your head.  move the remaining hairs to the opposite side of your head
  • Keep the hair you’re working on separate from the rest by securing the hair you are not currently styling with a large clip.

Hair wavers are ideal tools for creating beach waves. The most common types of hair wavers are the triple barrel ones, but you can find other designs in markets. Whatever suits you, keep in mind they are appropriate for your hair type and length. Also, determine the inches of the barrel. Why? Well, the shorter barrel means tighter waves. So if you are someone who loves those loose, voluminous waves, you must buy a hair waver with larger barrels.

Tip: If you’re looking for tight waves, go for 3/4 inch, 1 inch if you want classic beach waves, and 1 1/4 for loose, voluminous waves.

See below how to use a hair waver for creating beachy waves,

How to use hair waver


3.Making waves:

  • Heat your hair waver. Then take the section of your hair you want to work on.
  • Now simply clamp the hair section between the two barrels and hold for a few seconds. Now match the outermost waves for producing continuous waves.
  • Do not hold the waver for too long as it can burn your hair. And make sure you are using the right temperature also.
  • Start waving your hair away from the roots if you want loose waves. And for vintage waves, begin as near to the roots as possible.


  4.Repeat the process for all your hairs:

  • Continue this process until the bottom half of your hair is all curled up, then move to the section you secured with the pin.
  • Keep in mind to not use any ponytail holders to hold your curled-up hair, or else all your efforts will go in vain.
  • Do not touch your freshly curled hairs until they are cool. If you touch your hair while they are still warm, it can lead to them being loosened up and becoming flat.


 5.Use a flexible spray for the final touch:

After creating waves on your hairs, spray them with a flexible hold spray. Now gently brush them and apply a suitable cream or serum to eliminate flyaways.


Bottom line:

Beach waves have gained immense popularity for the past few years. The reason is obvious. They are easy to create and serve every occasion, face shape, and hair type. Their massive demand is increasing day by day, because of which many brands have designed various hair wavers that are user-friendly, durable, and less time-consuming. I hope this article has proven to be helpful for you. Take care and keep nailing your styling game with the stunning beachy waves!