Nowadays people are mostly complaining about their hair problems like dry, rough and weak hair. All of these problems usually begin from ironing and styling your hair daily. There are most common ways of fixing dry hair like oiling, hair masks, pills and many other but we are giving you the most simpler and effective solution for dry and damaged hair. The solution is Hair steamers.

What is a Hair steamer?

A hair steamer is the best appliance for the people complaining about their dry and rough hair. It makes their hair moisturized, revive their color vibrancy and keep their hair nourished. Most of the people buy it happily but when it comes to using it many brands don’t give proper elaborated procedures to using it effectively. Gadgets with low prices mostly don’t give proper instructions which end up in difficulty and confusion for the customer to find out the right way to use it. This article will help the buyers and provide them enough information about using hair steamer properly and effectively.


Some suggestions should be followed before use of hair steamers.

  • First and the most important thing that you should consistently use distilled water to protect your hair from any limescale buildups in the machine. It has been seen that most brands work with tap water which put the steamers functionality on risk. Since the dust particles or impurities from tap water damages the parts of the machine and make it least beneficial. However, some expensive gadgets are having inbuilt filters which separate impurities from the tap water and make it distilled for the user so it can function properly.
  • Secondly, you should always check the water jar to be full before using it. There are two types of steamers tabletop steamers and standalone steamers. It is most likely observed that tabletop steamers take around 20 minutes of use before they run out. While conversely, standalone steamers take 40-60 minutes of usage on a full tank. Running steamer with an empty tank can cause damage to your appliance. Some brands are having the feature of alerting the user automatically when water level reaches the lowest. Make sure that when you are done with the steaming procedure, always remember to drain the remaining water to prevent your appliance from any water scum.
  • When you get under the hair steamer you should place a cotton band along your hairline and cover your neck and shoulders with a towel. So that the water does not drip onto your face or the steam burns your skin. There should be at least six-inch distance between your scalp and hair steamer to prevent your head from direct heat.

How does a hair steamer hydrate your hair?

A hair steamer is commonly used to condition dry and damaged hair and helps to revive the elasticity of your hair back. The heat permits the conditioner to go through the hair effectively. When the steamer is warmed properly then apply some conditioner to your hair gently and sit under the steamer for about 15-20 minutes.

During this process, the nutrients from the conditioner will be absorbed into your hair. This will moisturize the dead, rough and tangled outer layer of your hair and gives them a shiny and smooth look. The steam nourishes the hair from within which means that it stays there longer than usual. The less hydrated or nourished hair will be repaired after retaining the moisture better. In the hair steamers, the moist heat encourages the blood flow in your scalp and helps your scalp to grow hair which is healthy, soft and hydrated. Once you are done with steaming, rinse your hair with cold water. It will help the dead outer layer of hair to become nourished and cold water will also allow the nutrients to be preserved in hair completely.

how to use a hair steamer

Coloring your hair

After moisturizing when you have to set up the coloring treatment for your hair mostly hair steamers take around 20 minutes which ought to be adequate for it to enter your hair. Similarly, as with conditioning your hair, wash with cold water thereafter to preserve in the color.

Reviving your hair

A hair steamer is best for the people who want to revive their dry hair or they want them to be nourished or moisturized. It naturally revives healthier hair which lasts longer than any other application. The procedure of hair steamer is as simple as using any other appliance. Just you have to sit under the steamer for about 10-15 minutes and you will get your hair back as new and nourished. It is not necessary to rewash or condition again and most importantly if you feel your hair get dry then do this procedure twice a week for the most benefit.


All of the above information will make you more accessible to your hair steamer. If you are still confused in buying the perfect brand of hair steamer for yourself, check the review sections in which we have also given reviews to some best hair steaming gadgets.