A sauna or steam room has been an important part of spas for many years. The technology has progressed a lot from the last few years and now you can get the benefits of a steamer in your home at a reasonable price.

In the past, the most common method to steam your face was to use a basin of boiling water. A towel dapped over your head to steam all the face and this method can work very well, but not more effective much. If you use a purpose-built facial steamer, it will give you the amazing result at home and with affordable price.

The modern facial steamers are very easy to use and can produce fine nano-steam which gives you immense benefits to your skin than the regular steam. The nano-steamers are very effective for aromatherapy and give you a complete skincare and relaxation package.

Uses of facial Steaming

  •  It gives you relaxation
  • It is helpful for softening your skin
  • It is helpful for cleansing your skin
  • It encourages healthy circulation
  • It helps in opening the pores which can eliminate blackheads
  • It promotes collagen production
  • It helps to lower your blood pressure
  • It is helpful for hydrating your skin

With these different benefits, you can see why more men and women are beginning to use facial steamers especially when you can use it at home. If you are interested in buying facial steamer or you have just bought it, we will tell you how to steam your face step by step:

Steam your face with a facial Steamer

How To Steam Your Face With A Facial SteamerUsing a steamer is very easy and you can ease it without any difficulty at your own hope. Models will vary in their design, but you can easily use all the models by reading the instructions before using it.

Using a steamer is very easy and you can ease it without any difficulty at your own hope. Models will vary in their design, but you can easily use all the models by reading the instructions before using it.

Important note: Before using the steamer, you should know whether your steamer has an automatic switch off function when the water levels run low. You need to set the timer to prevent it from boiling dry.

Prepare your steamer

It is a good idea to run your steamer for a couple of cycles before using it the first time. Once it has run the cycles and cooled enough, then fill up the reservoir with fresh and distilled water. Once the steamer is ready to use, make sure that all the sections are closed. Put your steamer in the right place where you can use it comfortably.

Prepare your skin before use steamer

Before using the steamer, cleanse your skin with cleanser. This will help you to remove the makeup residue and ensure that your skin is clean.

Sit comfortably

After preparing your skin, now you need to sit in a relaxed position above the steamer. You should sit a few inches away from the nozzle.

Switch on your steamer

Turn the steamer on, sit back, relax and enjoy the soothing steam. Usually, the steam sessions last between 5 and 20 minutes but you can do these sessions according to your dermatologist.
Apply a product after the steam session
After the steam session, it is always a good idea to apply the facial mask now. Dry your face with the clean towel and gently apply the mask with clean hands. You can also apply the mask with the help of brushes.

Cool Steam

In some facial steamers, there is an option of cool steam which is a great method to close your pores. Set your steamer in the same way as you use it normally, but just switch it to the cold stream setting for an amazing relaxing session.

Clean your Steamer

After completing the streaming session. Turn off your steamer, unplug it and leave it to cool. It will take a little time to cool down, but once it has cooled, empty the water and rinse it out.

You can clean some steamers inside with white vinegar but always check the instruction and guidelines about how to clean and demineralize your streamer.

How to Create a DIY Facial Steamer

How To Create a DIY Facial Steamer

1. Boil water

Boil some water around 1 to 3 cups in a kettle or in a pan. Bring it to a complete boil and turn off the stove. While boiling the water, you can wash your face to remove any dirt and after that dry your face with a clean towel.

2. Transfer the water

Transfer the water on a heatproof basin like ceramic or glass. Don’t put water on a plastic vessel as the plastic contain chemicals which can be affected by the boiling water.

3. Steam your face

Drape a towel over your head and always choose a big towel so that it can trap all the steam. Always sit close enough to the steam to feel it soothing your face. The steam sessions should be last between 5 to 20 minutes.

4. Apply a mask

After the steam session, pat your skin with a clean towel and apply a product like a face mask.

5. Use a toner

After completing the session, use a regular facial toner or splash your face with some cold water. Both methods have amazing effects at closing your pores.


The facial steaming is very easy and enjoyable, and you can do it at home easily. It gives your skin an amazing look and long-lasting relaxation. If you haven’t chosen a steamer yet, then we would like to have a look at our best facial steamer reviews.