People with large pore can experience problems like pimples, oily skin, spots, blackheads, problems in wearing makeup, and much more. Most of the time, genetics is the reason behind them. Hence, they can be the cause of multiple problems for the people who have them.Although they are passed on through genes, yet they can be treated or even prevented. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the preventive and curative measures to reduce them or to make them disappear.

The most common reason for enlarged pores is that they are actually blocked. To avoid this, try to keep your pores clean by washing your mouth on a daily basis and taking off makeup before bed.

Gently cleanse, tone, and moisturize daily

Gently Cleanse, Tone And Moisturize DailyCleansing

Wash your face daily with a cleanser that is gentle to your skin. This step is going to balance your skin and will keep its pH normal. Be careful while choosing between your cleansers. It must not be very harsh to your skin or must not contain a lot of fragrance. Such cleansers wipe out all of the natural oils our skin has. These oils are necessary for our skin.

Hence products containing harsh chemicals must be avoided. Go for the products which are gentle, natural and paraben free. Always damp your face with lukewarm water and gently massage the cleanser with wet hands on your face. Rub it for at least 45 seconds on the face focusing the areas with larger pores. After giving a gentle massage of 45 to 50 seconds, rinse it off with water.


After completely cleansing your face with a gentle cleanser, the next step is toning. Once you are done with cleansing, it means you kept your pores open. So, you need to close them. Otherwise, this will cause a lot of skin problems. Toning your face will close the pores that remained open while cleansing.

There are a lot of toners available in the market. You need to be attentive while choosing the right toner for your skin type. We will suggest you to try to stick to natural products only. By sticking to the natural products, we mean, you can use cold or simple tap water. You can wash your face cold water, splash it on your face and that’s all. You are done with the process. Cold water will close all the pores which were kept open while using warm water in the previous step.

The second option can be the use of witch hazel. It is anti-inflammatory and can fight bacteria in your skin. You can use it as a toner by dabbing a cotton bud containing witch hazel on your face. This will possibly close all the pores.


Now you are done with cleansing and toning the third and the most important step is to moisturize your face with an appropriate moisturizer. While choosing a moisturizer to keep that in your mind that it must be non-comedogenic. By non-comedogenic, it means that it must not accumulate into the pores of your skin. Once it gets accumulated into the pores, it will form debris which can be the cause of pimples, acne and many other skin problems.

Always be careful whenever buying a moisturizer for yourself. As this is an important step to be added into your daily skin care, so it must be followed with great care. Else your skin might compensate the process by producing extra oils that were previously washed off during cleansing. This can give rise to a lot of skin problems in daily routine.

Use a facial steamer daily

As previously mentioned, clogged debris inside the pores can make them open forcefully. This might increase the natural size of the pores much bigger. They will look larger than they really are. This can cause blackhead, and acne to appear on the face. In order to clean this debris and dirt, gentle cleansing will not be effective. As this will only clean the pores from the surface. So, we need a deep cleansing process in order to wipe out all the residing dirt from the pores.

Best Facial Steamer ReviewsFor this purpose, you can steam your face with a mild facial steamer. You can either give yourself steam by making a DIY facial steamer at your home. Or you can also get a professional steamer from a market for this purpose. Steaming the face will make your pores open with the warmth and cleaning out all the dirt particles from them through perspiration. This will also increase your blood circulation and increases the oxygen flow towards the skin.

While steaming, your skin becomes receptive and any of the skin products will work effectively in this state. So, it will be effective if you apply skin masks or clay masks on the face just after getting the steam session. This will make most of the product to be absorbed in the skin, which will be beneficial for it. The nutrients will be allowed to pass the skin cells and will give you good results. You can choose any skin care product according to the need. Always go for the product that suits you.

Some of the steamers have double action as well. This means they serve the dual purpose of steaming your face with hot and cold steam both. So, you can also close your pores once you are done with the mask application. Steaming your face once in a week will be beneficial. Each steaming sessions must be more than 5 minutes and lesser than 20 minutes. This will allow all the dirt particles to come off, which were clogged during the whole week. If you want to know more about facial steaming, have a look at our reviews on the best facial steamers.

Eat Healthily

Eat HealthilyThis is nothing to be of surprise that how much our diet influence our skin. Eating healthy will be shown on our skin and vice versa. Always try to eat food which is less spicy, eat fresh fruits and vegetables and drink as much water as you can. Try to drink more water in the morning and less of it in the evening. Eat food which is enriched with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Try to have food which contains Zinc as it is one of the essential minerals for skin and hair growth. This will help tighten your pores and make your skin look healthier.

Wear sunscreen

Apart from following all the above-mentioned steps, always try to wear sunblock to protect your skin from UV rays. Because sunrays are one of the leading causes of skin problems like premature aging. Always try to wear sunblock that best suits your skin and is gentle to it. You can find the best sunscreens in the market and online as well.


The face is the most important part of the body and is exposed to the environment a lot. Hence using the right products and taking proper care of your skin can lead to a confident personality who can walk along with people with ease.