How To Get Waves With Straight Hair | Step-by-Step Guide

how to get waves with straight hair

Beach waves are the most elegant hairstyles one could ask for. Want to know how to get waves with straight hair? Worry not because you have come to the right place.

If you are someone with dead straight hair, then curling your hair is one hell of a struggle for you. Straight hairs require some additional help to hold the waves. If you leave the curls in your straight hair without any extra treatment, your curl will be wide open in a few moments. By following a few easy tips, you can make your curls stay longer on your stick straight hairs. See all the steps below; you must know how to get waves with straight hair.

Treat the frizz

Honestly, no one admires messy, frizzy hairs that looks like a bird’s nest. It is a crucial step to begin with before any style in your hair, but its importance increases when it comes to wavy hairs. Don’t dry your air with a cotton towel; instead, use microfiber hair towels. They offer greater absorbency while preventing hair damage and split ends. Start using silk pillows, ladies! This is not only great for keeping the frizz away from your hairs, but it also prevents sleep wrinkles and harsh marks on your face. So, believe it or not, the silk pillows are your beauty companions.

Prep your hairs

Before styling your hair, the first and obvious step is to prep them properly. This will give your hair hold. We recommend you use a styling cream for this purpose. Prep your hair with a styling cream to prevent stiffness and give your hair a proper hold. If you have freshly washed your hairs and are still dumped, first dry them completely by using a blow-dryer. Next, apply more styling cream throughout your strands.

Start curling

The next step is the one everyone was waiting for. If you want to create loose waves, tan get a curling iron with a 1-inch barrel. When you are prepping your hair properly, start heating your curling tool. Now wrap 2-inch sections around the curling iron’s barrel with the rod facing downwards; make sure it is facing away from your face. For a good hair lift, begin curling with your roots and wrap the hairs in a spiral shape towards the end of the tool.

After you achieve a nice wave, don’t touch it with your fingers or brush the, you should rather leave them alone. It is better to pin your curls with a clip or bobby pin if you have straight hair. And one thing more, no matter how thick or thin or hairs are, they always start curling with smaller sections.

how to get waves with straight hair

Shake your curls

After creating gorgeous waves, flip your head upside down and start shaking your curls. Avoid running fingers through your curls, or else all your struggle will go in vain. Touching curls can make them become flatten.

Glossing cream for the final magic 

 For the final touch, apply a glossing cream to your hair. Take a little amount of glossing cream and apply it throughout your curls. Make sure not to put too much burden on the curls. Apply the cream gently.

Bottom line

Everyone deserves a good hair day. Beach waves are so freaking cool. They suit every hair type and give a voluminous hairstyle. Not only this, but they are also easy to create as well. Since you have learned how to get waves with straight hair,  what are you waiting for?. Make everybody’s jaw drop with your gorgeousness.