How to Get Beach Waves on Short Hair! Ultimate Guide

how to get beach waves, short hair

Beach waves create the most extravagant stunning look. Here you will discover how you can create them in short-length hair.

It doesn’t matter what hair length or type you have for creating beachy waves. Wavy hairs are now the most trendy hairstyles these days. Anyone can rock their look with this gorgeous hairstyle. Not only do they provide texture and volume in your hair, but also creating them is not a big deal at all. You might need to learn a trick or two for curling your hair if you have short hair, but it is still a no-brainer! Let’s end the chit-chat right here and start the tutorial.

Wash your hair

The first is to wash your hair. This is to make sure your hair is not carrying any frizz. Frizz will be a barrier between you and your dapper waves. Now dry them with a blow dryer or a microfibre towel. Avoid using a cotton towel as it will damage your hair and produce split ends.

Hair prepping

The next step is to prep your hair properly. This will hold your hair. You can use any hair spray, gel, or prepping cream. Make sure your product does not make your hair stiff.

Hair sectioning

It is a crucial step that is often overlooked. Creating sections in your hair will prove a great help if you want to curl your hair properly. This will also ensure none of your hairs are left out.

Divide the front section of your hair from the crown to the ear and separate it. Now twist one side back to create a loose bun. Repeat this on the second side and separate hair from ear to ear. Create two buns from the bottom section by twisting them in half twice. Now Disengage the top section and split it into three. Repeat the twisted bun procedure on each hair section. This hair sectioning technique works for a diffuser.

If you are using a hair waver, simply pull the top half of your hair up and secure it with a hair clip. Now divide the remaining hair into two parts. Pull each one of them on either side.

how to get beach waves, short hair


You can go with two easy ways to create waves in short hairs. You can either use a hair waver, the most common technique, or go with a diffuser. Either way, you will receive stunning waves. We recommend using an hair waver to give you better waves, but a diffuser is also fine.

  • Using a diffuser for waves

Suppose you prefer a diffuser for waves. after sectioning your hair into a bun; as mentioned earlier, simply work your diffuser into each bun for a few minutes. Now release the bun and shake your hair. Try not to touch them.

It is the easiest way. It will not require much effort for sectioning, and also it will take only a few minutes to create waves. Simply take a small hair section and wrap it around your curling wand. Wait for a few seconds and pull the curl away from your face. If you have a hair waver, put the hair section between the clamps and release it after a few seconds.

Run your fingers throughout your hair

After curling, run your fingers gently in your hairs to separate them and loosen them up; if you don’t want to use your fingers, we recommend using a wide-tooth comb.

Finish your look with hair products

Finally, use a hair spray or a glossing cream that will help your curls stay longer. Choose your hair product according to your hair texture. Do not put too much product, or else your curls might become flat.


Wrapping it up

I hope this article has proven to be an informative guide for you. Since now you know how to get beach waves in short hair, nothing stops you from making the head turns wherever you go.