Although removing hair from armpits is no big deal and is a part of routine cleanliness for many women. But there are certain methods which have worst side effects on skin including darkening of the area and skin allergies. Following article explains a few methods which are helpful in removing hair from your underarms with ease.

1. Shave your Armpits

Removing hair with razor is one easy way which takes no time.

  • Wash your armpits with lukewarm water thoroughly and dry it with a clean towel
  • Apply shaving cream in your armpits to prevent any cuts
  • With the help of a sharp razor, start shaving off hair against the direction. Be careful if you have sensitive skin
  • Wash your armpits with cold water in order to close the pores to prevent infections and skin problems
  • Use cucumber juice or coconut oil to moisturize the area
  • You can repeat the procedure once a week or according to the growth of your hair


  • Keep your armpits hydrated and moisturized
  • Change your razor regularly

2. Use Tweezers

Using tweezers can be another method for cleaning armpits.

  • Wash your armpits thoroughly with warm water to soften the skin
  • Raise your arm towards your head, take a tweezers and start pulling out your hair with it
  • Pull out the hair in the direction of your hair to prevent ingrowth
  • Use aftershave to moisturize the skin once you are done
  • Process can be repeated once in a month or how often your hair regrow


  • Use sterilized tweezers. Use alcohol pads to sterilize them
  • Pull out hair in their direction
  • Never go for tweezing if you have coarse hair

3. Use an Epilator

Epilator is one quick method especially when you are running short of time.

  • Charge your epilator to the full
  • Wash and cleanse armpits thoroughly with warm water
  • Lift up the arm and hold the epilator on 45 degrees to your armpits
  • Turn it on and start moving it across your armpit. Try on a smaller portion first so that you get used to the pain
  • Once you are have a grip over it, hold it on 90 degrees and start pulling hair across your armpits
  • Do not go downwards or you will get your hair tangled into it
  • Use soothing lotion to cure redness caused due to epilator
  • It usually takes 4-6 weeks for hair to regrow again


  • If your hair have grown long then trim them to 5mm to make the process less painful
  • Exfoliate your skin very often to prevent ingrown hair

4. Waxing your Armpits

How to Clean your Armpits

  • Heat the wax to an appropriate temperature. Prepare armpits by rinsing them with warm water and dry it
  • Apply wax on the armpits against the direction of the hair with the help of a wooden applicator
  • Put a wax strip on the area and rub it little to transfer the wax on the skin
  • With a rapid swift pull off the strip against the direction of the hair
  • Apply oil on the area to clean the leftover wax. Sooth your armpits using aloe vera gel once you are done
  • Hair start to regrow at least after 4-6 weeks of hair removal


  • Exfoliate your skin regularly after waxing
  • Wait for the hair to grow ¼ of an inch

5. Hair Removal Creams

  • Prepare your skin by doing a patch test on it. Apply a little amount of hair removing cream on a small portion of armpit. If it does not cause any irritation within 24 hours of application then continue with the method
  • Wash armpits with warm water and dry them
  • Apply the hair removing cream on the whole area.
  • Use spatula being given with the hair removal cream to remove the product. Move the spatula against the hair direction. The hair will be removed along with the spatula
  • Wash the armpits and use a soothing lotion to reduce the redness on the skin
  • Hair start growing back within 4-5 days


  • Avoid using perfumes or deodorants at least for 24 hours after using hair removing

Natural Remedies to Remove Underarms Hair

1. Turmeric Paste

  • Take ¼ cup of turmeric powder, and 3 Tb of rosewater/milk. Mix both the ingredients well to form a paste
  • Apply the mixture on your armpits for 30 minutes and clean it using a damp towel or a clean cotton cloth
  • Repeat the method everyday


  • Perform the procedure at night so you have enough time to do

2. Lemon and Honey Mixture

  • Combine 3 Tb spoon of honey and 1 Tb spoon of lemon juice in a bowl and mix them well
  • Apply the prepared paste on the armpits for 15 minutes
  • Clean the mixture with the help of a wet towel
  • Repeat it after every 3 weeks


  • Do the procedure at night to avoid rush