Once you buy a machine, it always needs proper cleaning and care. Now you have chosen the right hot air brush for yourself and successfully added it to your styling tools. The very next step begins with how you take care of it. Proper care of your hot air brush is necessary so that it can get long lasting benefits from it. Appropriate care and on time cleaning of your hair styling tool increases its life expectancy. This step is not only helpful in making your styling tool work efficiently for you but will define your styling as well. You can get fabulous hairstyles from the tool if you follow a proper cleaning routine. As all of the hot air brushes discussed over here use the technology that is relatively new, so they do not need such maintenance routine that is difficult or takes a very long time. Instead, you only have to spare a few minutes just after getting done with your styling as cleaning and care is pretty. The only thing you need to follow is the consistency in your cleaning routine. You have to stay consistent and regular in cleaning your tool and you can get thousands of benefits from it. Below are some of the tips that you can follow while using and cleaning your tool.

How to clean the brush

Before you start cleaning your hot airbrush the first and the most important step is to unplug or turn off your brush. If you are having a brush which uses electricity, then you need to unplug your device before cleaning so that any mishap can be avoided. While on the other hand if you are using a brush that runs with a battery then turn it off or remove the batteries out of it. Although this seems quite obvious, this step is necessary for your own safety and life.

As the hot air brushes become so hot while they are plugged in or turned on and a cleaning process may involve touching the bristles or the barrel. This can be dangerous for you as this might can hurt or burn your hands. This might not solely the reason behind getting your device turned off. Another reason is that cleaning sometimes involves water or the use of liquids as well. And if you are dealing with a device that uses electricity then this might turn out into havoc for you. Hence it is better to turn your device off to prevent any mishap.

Once you are done with unplugging your hot air brush, you must bring it to the room temperature so that you can touch it easily. Remove all the broken hair strands that might get clogged into the bristles while brushing. Now take a little wet or a damp cloth and start rubbing in on the bristles and the area in between the bristles. Clean all the area thoroughly. Make sure to clean areas in between the bristles. If your brush is equipped with a removable filter, then you must take it out and then clean your brush afterward. Once you are done with the cleaning completely you can move to the next step.

Some special cleaning techniques

If you are fond of using a lot of hair care products while styling, then you must not miss out some extra cleaning routine for your airbrush. This step is extremely important for your hair styling tool because all the hair care products that you apply on to your hair sit into your brush. It can be damaging to the device if not cleaned properly or on time. Hence you must follow special cleaning techniques while using such products. There are a lot of cleaning products available in the market for this purpose. These cleaners are specially made in order to clean your hot air hair brushes. You can buy these cleaners from online stores as well.

Some special cleaning techniques

Some of the renowned professional salons in your locality can also provide these products. The last you can also get these cleaners from hair product stores as well. These products are specially made to remove the residing hair care products from your hot air brush. These products perform their job so efficiently in comparison to cleaning with a regular damp cloth. This not only cleans all the areas between the bristles but also removes all the build-ups of the hair care products completely. Once all the sitting product is being removed from the brush, your brush will work efficiently as a new tool.

Follow a regular cleaning routine

Once you are done with the cleaning steps the story does not end over here. You have to follow this routine regularly. Make it as a part of your daily hair care routine. Following these steps regularly will not only make your device work efficiently but also make it easier for you to clean it afterward. At least clean your brush with a damp cloth every time after using it. This simple step does not take much of your time and is easy to follow every day. While on the other hand the special cleaning routine can be followed once in a week. We will suggest you do it every weekend. As you have plenty of time during the whole of the weekend, so you can spend a little more time cleaning the brush with the help of a cleaner. Spending a little time on the cleaning will not only give you better results in styling your hair but will also be helpful in increasing your device’s life expectancy.


Cleaning your hot air hair brush is a must step to follow in order to increase its life. This will also help in the efficient working of the tool. Every time you use your brush, it must be cleaned properly in order to maintain it. If you are not cleaning your product regularly then its working will definitely be compromised. In order to have your brush’s long-lasting effects, you must follow a proper cleaning routine. This will help you maintain the working condition of your device. This simple step will also save your time and money from buying new hair styling tools over and over again.If you haven’t already bought one, then check out our buyer’s guide where we discussed some of the Best Hot Air Brush available to buy.