How to brush your hair for waves?

How to brush your hair for waves

Brushing your curly hair can be troublesome. Here is a guide to help you with your hair.

Many people want curly hair as they add spice to your personality. The classy beachy waves can change your look, making you look more elegant and glamorous. So many curling irons are available to make your task easy and give you your perfect curly hairstyle.

But taking care of your curly hair might not be as easy as getting a curly hairstyle. Curly hair requires a lot of attention and care than straight hair. With curly hair comes curly hair problems which you have to tackle, for instance, frizz and hair fall. Brushing your curly hair is also quite tough at times. Let’s have a look at this guide so we can tackle these curly hair problems.

Brushing your hair is always a good idea whether you are talking about curls or straight hair.

Hair problems with waves

Managing your wavy hair can be tiresome as it is not an easy task. If you have curly hair then you might be familiar with these difficulties. Dealing with frizzy hair, hair breakage, thinning of your hair, split ends and limpness can be hectic. Brushing your  for waves also becomes difficult due to too much volume.

Steps to brush your hair for waves

Brushing your hair for waves requires a little attention. With curly hair there are some tips you should keep in mind.

Add some moisture to your hair

Start by prepping your hair. Brushing your dry hair cause hair breakage with more tugging on your hair. It is always a good idea to brush your hair for waves when they are wet or you can add some moisture to dampen your hair before brushing. On the other hand brushing dry hair for waves can add frizz and eliminate shine from your hair.

Remove the tangles from your hair thoroughly

Detangling your hair is very crucial. Don’t forget to make your hair knot-free to make your hair look smooth and shiny. Use some hair detangle spray if you want, so that the brush can slide easily through your hair.

How to brush your hair for waves

Section off your hair

Start by sectioning off your hair to reduce the tugging and shedding of your hair. Make two or more sections depending on the thickness of your hair.

Start brushing your hair from the bottom

It is advisable to start brushing your hair from the tip  and work your way up towards the roots. Applying more tension and tugging your hair from the roots can increase hair fall.

Brush your hair smoothly and evenly

Protect your curls by brushing your hair evenly. Do not brush at one section of hair for too long as it might loosen your curl, leaving you with tighter curls on one side and lose curls on the other side of your hair. Brush your baby hair as well.

Apply some hair spray or use some hair oil

You can apply some hair spray after brushing your hair thoroughly. It will add more shine to your hair and your waves will look more sleek and elegant. Using hair oil will keep your hair hydrated.

Required Time

It depends on the thickness of your hair how long you should brush your hair for waves. Mostly it takes from 5 to 30 minutes to thoroughly brush your hair. It is good to brush your hair twice a day for good waves.

Brush Type for waves

Choose a brush that is suitable for your curly hair. Choose the brush with the right bristles for your hair. A brush with wider bristles will help you with tighter curls while a brush with deep bristles is better if you have loose curls. As it is advisable to brush your waves while they are wet, select a brush that is safe for your wet hair. Brush with stiff and sturdy bristles can solve your problem.



Brushing your hair is very essential for your curls. Brushing your hair for waves is not difficult if done properly and with care. Patience and brushing plays a key role when dealing with wavy hair. Taking care of your wavy hair by brushing them properly can make your waves look more classy, sleek and elegant.