Bleaching your skin is surely a controversial subject and it raises many questions. Skin bleaching is involved with different chemicals to lighten up the tone of your skin. It also helps to bring about a more uniform and even complexion on people who may have uneven skin tones.

Besides its amazing results, some of the chemicals that used to lighten the skin has some serious effects. These chemical are considered to be toxic and it can result in short and long term damage to the skin.

Why do people bleach their skin?

As mentioned above, people bleach their skin to lighten up the skin tone. Some people have birthmarks, moles and other conditions and they considered this option to return their skin to a more uniform tone.

What are the risks involved in bleaching?

As bleaching is very common, but as time passing, people are now realizing that there are many risks involve and some of them are quite serious as well. The main issue is that the portion of their skin where they apply bleach become thinner over time.

The other serious issue is an increase in pigmentation may occur around your eyes and this can result in darker eye circles.

What are the risks involved in bleaching?

My suggestion after a lot of research is that you should always choose a trained professional for bleaching your skin. It is maybe a bit costly but it will be good for you .If you want to know what the Best Skin Bleaching Creams is, take a look at our reviews of what we think are the best on the market.

What Products are effective?

The main ingredient that is used in skin bleaching is Hydroquinone and it is available as 2% or 4% concentration depending on the scenario whether it is used in a cosmetic or pharmaceutical grade product.

It is used widely in skin bleaching because it has been proven to inhibit the production of melanin. This does not result in bleaching of skin but instead, it makes it lighter.

Because of its effectiveness, many countries banned it because according to studies, it may be a cancer risk. France is the example of this issue as they have a ban in place on hydroquinone.

Is there a natural Option available?

After reviewing the effect of hydroquinone, the first question that comes to mind is there a more natural option? The answer is yes because a more natural alternative of hydroquinone is Arbutin which is used in some of the natural skin lightening products. It is found in a number of extracts including bearberry and mulberry. It is very effective for skin lightening and it also stops the production of melanin.

Is there a natural Option available?

According to the studies, prolonged use of skin lightening techniques like mercurous chloride and hydroquinone can be dangerous not for your skin, but also for the entire body. Now people are taking these issues very seriously and they are trying to use natural ingredients that are not harmful to their health.

Other options?

Clinicians Complex is a very good product in this regard as they do away with the Hydroquinone, steroids and other harsh ingredients. They rely mostly on natural alternatives such as formulation of vitamins, mineral, and Arbutin.


If you want to know about how to bleach your skin in the right way, you should select the right product according to your need. You should have a complete awareness of the ingredients that are used in the producing you are choosing. On the other hand, you should also consult your dermatologist if you are thinking to choose a new skincare product for you to improve the skin ton, blemishes, and sunspots.

Another thing that comes in mind of every person is the side effect of the product. So before choosing any product, make sure that you know it completely so that it cannot affect you. So it is a best option to talk to your dermatologist before using any product.