Have you ever thought about how skin lightening works? The question that comes in every person mind is that is skin bleached? Is it dangerous to use different products to bleach skin? In this article i am going to tell you what skin lightening is and what the misconceptions about it are?

Skin Lightening Vs Skin whitening

Skin lightening and skin whitening often used interchangeably due to their similarities but there is a huge difference between them. The main purpose of the skin whitening is to lighten the complexion. The main disadvantage of skin whitening is that has very dangerous side effects.

On the other hand, skin lightening has a very positive function other than getting a lighter complexion. If you want to understand what skin lightening is, you need to first understand what hyperpigmentation is.

Skin Lightening Vs Skin whitening

Skin Lightening and Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is a very common skin condition that refers to the darkening of the skin. Dark patches are usually formed on the hands and face because these areas are exposed to the sun. Hyperpigmentation is harmless but still, people are very uncomfortable with it because of the way it makes them look.

These hyperpigmentation spots are caused by repeated exposure to the sun. The Freckles and the other dark skin areas can become darker from sun exposure.

Melasma is a form of hyperpigmentation and the melasma spots are larger than those spots which are caused by sun damage. These spots are formed on the face, like on the cheeks, nose, for the head, upper lip, and chin. Acne and other skin diseases can also cause hyperpigmentation and leave dark spots after it clears.

How to deal with hyperpigmentation?

To deal with hyperpigmentation, there are different skin lightening products to even out the skin tone and get back the skin’s natural color. If you want to see your natural skin color, you should look at the inner part of our upper arm.

How Does Skin Lightening work

The main goal of skin lightening is to fade out the unwanted blemishes. Most people think that it is used to bleach skin, but this is not true. There are different layers of our skin and in these layers, there is a layer called a basal layer. In Basal layer, our skin cells form and it divides to create the outer skin layer. There is another layer in it known as melanocyte which is responsible for transporting melanosomes. They contain a pigment which gives us our skin color.

Many skin lightening products have been made to prevent tyrosinase. Skin products that include tyrosinase inhibitor are useful for people to prevent hyperpigmentation.

Skin lightening creams

There are many skin lightening creams available, some are counter products and some can only be obtained with a prescription. Prescription lightening creams contain hydroquinone and these are only available with a prescription as they have dangerous side effects if it is misused. Make sure to check the ingredients before buying these products over the counter.

Skin lightening creams


After all the discussion above, we can say that skin lightening is not a skin bleaching. If you want to get back your skin natural tone, there are many over the counter natural skin lightening products. Make sure to get the right product so that it cannot has a bad effect on your skin.