Being a woman means always trying the latest fashion no matter how hard it is to follow them. But when it comes to hair women of all ages try different hairstyles and looks. They are always in the process of figuring out what suits them more in terms of hair does. They keep on buying different hair styling tools to get the desired look.

Yet some women are in experimenting phase and know nothing about styling tools. Keeping this in mind, the following article will be covering some basic differences between hair rollers and curling iron. We will be sharing what kind of curls you get from these 2 styling tools. Moreover, you will also know which styling tool will do great on your hair. So let’s begin with sharing some of the Best curling iron for black hair.

Some Best Curling Irons

Curling irons are more like hair straightening irons. These curling wands are way too easier to use daily rather than using fancy curling rollers. Especially if you are not fond of those tight defined curls then these are best for you.

Roller vs iron

They make loose and soft curls in your hair. The best part is it takes only a few minutes to style yourself in a glamorous look with these irons. They are economical as well. You can make curls of any type either with inside swing or outward waves. It will hardly take 5-10 minutes in doing so. You can also try more glamorous looks depending upon the need and time you have. Below are a few bestseller curling irons which are highly recommended especially if you are a beginner and know nothing about curling your hair.

  • Hot Tools Professional Curling Iron: It has 24k gold platted wands which give the best finish. It comes with curling wands of different sizes for different types of curls. Its temperature limit is up to 428F. So you can manage heat according to your need.
  • Remington Pearl Ceramic Curling Wand: Ceramic pearl heating technology produces natural waves in your hair. It has a ½ and 1 ½ inches slim conical barrels. With up to 410F temperature it gives you best results.
  • Conair Nano Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron: With Nano heating technology it adds life to your hair. It comes with 5 different barrels to create curls of different sizes which can stay up to 24 hours long.

Hair Rollers

Although hair rollers take a little longer than curling iron curls they produce are more defined and flawless. These curls are long-lasting and can stay for the whole of the day. If you want that the finish also remains the same whole day long you can apply hair spray or styling gel. This will help you to retain the defined curls for the whole of your event. Using hair products will produce a gloss and sheen to your hair as well.

We will share with you some best seller hair rollers which have produced amazing results.

  • Conair Instant Heat Jumbo Hot Rollers: With ionic heat technology within ceramic rollers Conair has produced something great for you. In a pack of 12, there are 8 jumbo and 4 super jumbo rollers which produce such big bouncy curls for you.
  • Caruso Molecular Steam Hairsetter: With 5 sets of rollers in different sizes Caruso has come up with something extraordinary. It has a dual voltage that can set anywhere across the world. The rollers produce perfect spiral waves in your hair with lesser damage.
  • Babyliss Professional Nano Titanium Rollers: It comes with 12 velvet flocked jumbo rollers with 1 ½ inch in size. The rollers are of professional quality and create a natural bounce in the hair.

Hair Rollers or Curling Iron

Hair Rollers or Curling Iron

  • Speed: Whether you are using rollers or curling iron, both the tools will take time to produce good results. If you have a lot of time to do the job use rollers to get more defined curls. But if you are in a hurry and need quick styling then you must go for a curling iron. Rollers need a little longer to set and produce smooth and defined waves in your hair. While on the other hand curling iron is a bit faster in producing results. For better results use the tools in slightly wet hair.
  • Size: The size of the curls entirely depends upon the length of your hair. The hair strand must wrap around the curling rod at least 1 and half times to get a good bounce. Rollers and curling rods come in different sizes. The choice is entirely yours. However, you have the freedom to create from 3/8 inches small curls to 1 and a half inches waves in your hair.
  • Handiness: When it comes to the handiness both curling iron and rollers have an edge on one another in different terms. If you are using a curling iron you have to sit in front of a mirror and keep on twisting the wand to set the curls. While with rollers once you are done to set them on hair you can roam around with freedom. However, a curling iron is easy to carry along while traveling instead of keeping the big pouch of rollers in your suitcase. Rollers may also take more space in your cupboard as well. Conversely, you can keep a curling iron wherever you see some space.


Choosing between curling iron or hair rollers is entirely yours. Understand your hair first. Then go for buying any tool for yourself. If you want quick styling for your daily routine you can go for a curling iron. Otherwise, for the more vintage and defined look, which you can read about here.