Best Waterpik & Water Flosser Reviews 2020

Many people afraid going to dentist for regular cleaning and checking. People try many things to clean their teeth like brushing , tongue scraping, mouthwash, but still the smile falls short. So here is the solution of all your problems- the water flosser which is very effective at removing plaque, preventing cavities and clearing out derbis.

Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser WP-660

Whenever you are going for shopping, you always choose a healthy product, label matter. Here we are not talking about the designer names or famous brands on social media, we are talking about the American Dental Association (ADA) which is the biggest name in the dental industry.


Editor’s Choice: The Waterpik Aquarius water flosser is our top recommendation for achieving healthiest and brightest smile. It has 10 pressure options and 7 water flosser tips to choose from. It provides you a number of different settings to promote dental health and it is also very ideal if you have dental implants, braces, and crowns.

The Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser is the first product that is accepted by the ADA and it also has the ADA’s prestigious Seal of Acceptance award. The Waterpik Aquarius Water flosser is the first water flosser that meets the strict standards of ADA for dental health.

Waterpik Aquarius Best Water Flosser WP-660

Plaque Removal

Waterpik Aquarius model can remove up to 99.9 % of plaque and it is very effective at cleaning teeth and gums. This model offers you healthier gum and a brighter smile in just a minute or two a day.

Interchangeable Tips

The Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser comes with 5 interchangeable tips for a deep clean:

Toothbrush tip: You can take the befits of water flossing while you brush

Classic Jet Tip: This is perfect for general flossing as you will get 3 different tips so that your family members don’t need to share.

Orthodontic Tip: This is designed exclusively with braces-wearer to clean beneath brackets and wires.

Pik Pocket Tip: It has a pointed design which makes it perfect for cleaning out periodontal pockets and hidden spots below the gum line.

Plaque Seeker Tip:This tip is specially designed to reach on tough areas, so you never miss a spot. It is best for cleaning retainers, implants, and crowns.

Easy to Use

When you have a dental tool in your mouth, you really don’t want to fumble around with switches and buttons. That is the reason the Waterpik Aquarius put all of its power in the palm of your hand.

Water and Storage Capacity

The Aquarius has different slots in the unity which helps you to get easy access and storage and it also ensures that the tools you are using are clean and dust free. It also has a tank capacity which can deliver up to 9- seconds of nonstop water pressure.


  • Approved by ADA
  • Amazing Cleaning capabilities
  • 7 total flossing tips
  • Water and storage capacity
  • 3 years warranty
  • On/off switch on the handle


  • None! We love this product

Panasonic Portable Dental Flosser


Editor’s Choice:The Panasonic Portable Dental Flosser is our top choice of water flosser. The reason for choosing this flosser is that it is handy, a collapsible design which makes it ideal for traveling.

Panasonic Portable Dental Flosser

If you are looking for a water flosser that has the benefit of a countertop model with the portability of a facet powered device, then Panasonic Portable dental flosser is for you. It gives you c clean smile on the go without relying on the water pressure. Panasonic is a brand everyone knows and love to use their products, so it is easy to understand that the Panasonic Portable Dental Flosser is a popular product. it has 2 yeas warranty, so your purchase is sure to last.

Cordless Design

Most of the flosser has a larger size so you need to be plugged in to function. This can be frustrating if you have limited outlets options in the bathroom or you are traveling to another country with different voltages. Now you don’t need to worry as the Panasonic dental flosser is cordless.

This little device will only need 2 AA batteries and you are ready on your way to a cleaner smile. The best thing about this device is that it is 100% waterproof and you can use it anywhere.


The Panasonic Portable Dental Flosser has a collapsible design, so you can easily put it in your suitcase, purse or backpack due to its small size.

Speed Settings

The Panasonic Portable dental Flosser comes with multiple speed settings.

  • A high-speed option for tough food debris.
  • A slower speed for those with sensitive gums or teeth. 

For effective cleaning, the flosser gives your three different modes.

  • Jet Mode gives you full pressure for dislodging larger particles.
  • Regular mode gives you strong pulses to remove smaller particles.
  • Soft mode gives you soft and gentle pressure for sensitive areas. It is also helpful for massaging your gums.


  • The portable design is easy for traveling
  • Collapsible design
  • 2 years warranty
  • Cordless
  • Waterproof
  • Multiple speed setting


  • The only disadvantage of flosser is that it only comes with 1 flosser tip

H2ofloss Countertop Oral Irrigator

If you are looking for a water flosser which has a large water reservoir, then don’t look for other option and choose H2ofloss Countertop Oral Irrigator. It has an 800 ml tank which you can easily remove to fill, and it is 100 percent waterproof as well.

H2ofloss Counter top Oral Irrigator

This water flosser has a total of 12 multifunctional flosser tips and adjustable water pressure and this helps you to keep the water flossing kit clean.

Pulsating Water Pressure

The most important function of this flosser is its powerful pulsating water pressure. The pulsating water removes plague, bacteria, and food debris easier than single streams pressure and makes it easier for you to achieve that total mouth clean.
It has the maximum pressure of 100 PSI, and pulses at an average rate of 1,200 times per minute. You can control the water pressure for increased or decreased power with just a flick of the switch on the handle.

Flosser Tips for the Whole Family

This is a great and an amazing system if you are looking to share the benefit of water flosser with your family. The H2ofloss Countertop comes with 12 flosser tips to tackle the needs of your entire family. Following are the flosser tips:

Jet Tips (4):This is great for everyday flossing.
Periodontal Tips (2):This will help you to clean those areas where it is hard for you to reach. It is also great for post-operative care near extraction sites.
Orthodontic Tips (2):This is specially designed to remove plaque and food debris from the stubborn of wires and brackets.
Tongue cleaner (2):According to research, 20 billion bacteria can live on your tongue to give your mouth a clean with the H20floss tongue cleaner tips.
Moisturizing Mist Spray Tip (1):A gentler moisturizing spray of water.
Cleaning Irrigation Tip (1):This can be used for nasal irrigation


The H20floss Countertop Oral Irrigator is 100 percent waterproof.


  • Pulsating water pressure
  • Comes with 12 flosser tips
  • You can share it with your entire family
  • Waterproof
  • Multifunctional


  • Large tank design which takes up space on your bathroom

Lantique Cordless water flosser

If you are looking for a cordless water flosser then lantique cordless water flosser is one of the best options to choose. It is small, handy and easy to carry. This flosser is much similar to your electronic brush in shape and can be easily packed in your bag while traveling. It also has a water reservoir with it, so you don’t need any external water supply for this. Due to its great cordless feature, it can be placed anywhere in your bathroom or any other place. Not only has this but it exerted great water pressure although having a small reservoir for it. Another great feature is that it has 4 different options for flosser tips. So, you can change the flosser tip according to your ease and need.

Lantique Cordless Water Flosser

Rechargeable lithium battery

Unlike other flossers, it has a powerful battery of 1500 mAH which easily lasts for at least 14 days with a single charge only. So, you don’t need to charge your flosser before every use. Also, you can charge your flosser only once and travel around easily without any problem. This is a great deal in order to save your time as well as electric energy. One disadvantage of using a lithium battery is that it is a bit costly in comparison to ordinary batteries. Also, you would not find a lithium battery easily everywhere once you misplace it somewhere during your trip.

Multiple Flossing Modes

As mentioned earlier that unlike other ordinary flossers lantique flosser has 4 different flossing tips, with three modes:
• Normal mode: This one is great for daily usage. It is a strong mode which exerts 120 PSI.
• Soft mode: If you have sensitive gums or if you are new to flossing then this mode is best for you to use. While it is gentle and exerts 40 PSI.
• Pulse mode:This is the fastest mode with 1,700 pulses per minute. It is considered to be the massage mode with 40-120 PSI.

IPX7 Waterproof

Another great feature of lantique cordless water flosser is that it comes with a completely waterproof design. So, you can easily clean your device anytime without any fear.


  • It is cordless handy and easy to carry.
  • It has long-lasting battery storage of 14 days.
  • It is best for traveling due to its small size.
  • It also has four different options for tips with three flossing modes.
  • It exerts strong water pressure with a water reservoir of its own.
  • It comes with a waterproof design.


  • It has a costly battery replacement
  • It has no protective case for traveling

QQCute Dental flosser

If you are searching for a flosser with an excellent countertop in an affordable range, you must not miss this great QQCute dental flosser then. It has 600 ml water reservoir beneath and different types of flossing tips with it. It also has built-in battery storage with an affordable price range. Though it lacks a lot of great features like other water flossing devices. But if you are looking for a device without spending a lot of money then QQCute dental flosser is one of the great options to get.

QQCute Water Flosser Reviews

Adjustable water pressure

One great feature of QQCue dental flosser has its adjustable water pressure. It consists of ten variable pressure options. It has a turning knob with it that manages variable water pressure. Water pressure ranges from 30-120 PSI considering the sensitivity of the gums. Apart from a knob on the device it also has an on/off and powers pause button on the handle so that you can easily stop the device while flossing. One great feature of QQCute dental flosser is that it has a flossing tip that revolves around at 360 degrees. So that you can reach the places in the mouth where your toothbrush cannot reach easily. This is great for a precise and complete cleaning purpose. This feature is also best for the people who have braces or retainers and have difficulty in cleaning.

Variety of flosser tips

If you are looking for a water flosser with variable flossing tips in a cheaper range, then you must get this QQCute dental flosser. This can be used by multiple family members at a time. They are one by one described below:
Classic jet Tip: This is designed for everyday use especially before bedtime. The tips have colorful rings over them and are easily distinguishable. So, you can never get your tip mixed up with other family members.

Tongue cleaner Tip:This tip is best for tongue cleaning purpose. It removes bacteria and germs from the mouth and the tongue to give you a refreshing breath.

Periodontal Tip:The tip is best suited for the purpose if you suffer from periodontal pockets problem. It does deep cleaning from the gums and all around your teeth hence removing residing bacteria from periodontal pockets.

Orthodontal Tip:This tip is perfect for the people who wear braces or retainers. Such people have difficulty in cleaning due to braces over their teeth. Debris and food particles stuck under the braces hence hard to remove with ordinary flossing and brush. This tips easily removes debris under the wires.
Dental Plaque Tip:Its design is great for cleaning plaque from the teeth. It has three bristles which are best for removing plaque. So along with flossing, you can easily remove plaque in no time with gentle action on the teeth.

Anti-leak design

QQCute dental flosser has one unique feature of having an anti-leakage design. Unlike its contemporaries, it has a small cap between the water reservoir and the base of the device. This cap secures the handle and ensures that no extra water spills down from the reservoir. This feature makes the device more of a smart use with creating a mess all over your counter.


If you want a flosser with all the good features but don’t want to spend much at the same time you must not miss out this option. QQCute dental flosser ensures to give you all the features that a costly flosser offers but in an affordable range. Almost half of the budget that you spend on other flossers with a countertop, you can get this great flosser.


  • It is highly affordable in comparison to its contemporaries
  • It has an anti-leakage design
  • It has a 600 ml water reservoir
  • It has multiple flossing tips with different colors to differentiate between
  • It also provides 360 degrees rotation for complete cleaning


  • It needs a power supply
  • Slightly bigger in size

Waterpik Complete Care Water Flosser

If you have a lot of visits to your dentist’s clinic then you must be aware of the sonic toothbrush. Because this toothbrush technology has been recommended by the dentist to the patients for very long. It is because that it cleans the plaque really well than another ordinary toothbrush. It not only cleans the plaque but most of the bacteria and debris that resides in the mouth. It does this job in no time while it would take so long with ordinary toothbrushes. Yet sometimes all the plaque could not be removed properly. So if you want to add another device to your bathroom along with a sonic toothbrush, you must go for Waterpik complete care water flosser and toothbrush. This device offers a complete set of an electric toothbrush along with a water flosser in an affordable price. This is simply the best option for those who want to use an electric toothbrush and floss their teeth simultaneously. Another plus point is that it is affordable in price and requires less space.

Waterpik Complete Care Water Flosser Review

Built-in Sonic toothbrush

Waterpik is a complete set of an electric toothbrush with a water flosser in it. This makes it ideal for use. One great thing is that the electric brush that comes with Waterpik complete care set is not an ordinary or an old electric brush. Rather it is an ultra-technology sensonic toothbrush with fastest rotations per minute. Waterpik’s sensonic toothbrush comes with the following benefits

  • It has been proved in various clinical trials that sonic toothbrush is 70% more effective in cleaning and improving gums health than its contemporaries.
  • It cleans 99.9% of plaque and debris from the mouth.
  • It gives results in just 14 days of regular use.

The best thing about sensonic tooth is that it has an adjustable speed range and 2-minute timer in it. The timer can also be set with 30 seconds intervals according to the need. It also comes with a cover case, so you can easily take it along with you while traveling.

Multiple flosser Tips

Like other flossers discussed and reviewed earlier Waterpik complete care set comes with multiple flosser tips options as well. So, you can customize your cleaning process according to your need.

• Classic Jet Tip:It has 2 such flossing tips which are used for general purpose and daily cleaning.

• Plaque Seeker Tip: As the name suggest this one is good for plaque removal. It has 1 such tip with the purpose of cleaning plaque. It reaches the teeth with crowns and removes the bacteria easily. It can also be useful for implanted teeth and if you have any bridges as well.

• Orthodontic Tip:It removes plaque and debris under the wires, retainers, and braces. 1 tip is present for this purpose.

• Pik Pocket Tip:This tip is best suited for deep cleaning purpose around and in between the gums.

Same Power as the Aquarius

Waterpik complete set comes with 10 variable pressures which can be adjusted according to the need of the user. It also has a power button over the handle in order to pause the cleaning process whenever you need.


  • Two benefits of brushing and flossing at a time from a single device
  • It comes with 5 multiple flossing tips
  • It also has a water reservoir with it
  • It also has 10 adjustable water pressures which can be changed according to the need
  • It has great cleaning results


  • It is a little expensive in comparison to other devices of the same quality and function