Have you ever thought about transforming your natural hair into a purple dye look? Well, we all know that purple is all about being royal and add your personality with extra elegance. This is one such hair that has inspired so many ladies out there to have some guts to try this amazing hair color.

Getting an effective best purple hair dye provides you with a glowing and bold appearance. This is how you can add your whole personality toa trendy lifestyle.

To locate an effective and best purple hair dye, it is important to read some testimonials and analyze how the product works for your hair texture. It’s a big decision to transfer yourself into a color lock that you have never experimented with before.

Comparison between Best Purple Hair Dye for Lasting Shine 2021

Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color Best Nourishing Permanent Hair Color

B3 Golden Brown

Alcohol free, ammonia free, peroxide free


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Arctic Fox Vegan Hair Color Dye


Alcohol free and ammonia free


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Special Effects SFX Best Hair Color

Fish Bowl

Resorcinol Free, Phthalate Free, Gluten Free


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Manic Panic Purple Haze Best Purple Hair Dye Color

Purple Haze

Ammonia Free, Resorcinol Free, Phthalate Free, Gluten Free


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This is such an amazing product for all those people who love to shade their hair with purple color. As it is a permanent hair color, you will be allowed to rejoice in your purple shade for a long time.

This best purple hair dye for dark brown hair is added up with the blend of triple fruit oils such as avocado, shea, olive, grape seed. You will find your hair to be extra smooth, nourished, and silky. Plus, the entire dying process becomes less messy due to the non-drip formula used in it.

Apart from purple, it is available in numerous color options such as reds, browns, blondes, and blacks. Get ready to try it now!

Key Features:

  • Included with nourishing color crème, crème developer, and nourishing conditioner

  • Not good for damaged, sensitive, or itchy scalp

  • Avoid using it on progressive color or compound Henna

  • Wait for at least 14 days after your perm or bleach your hair

  • Keep it away from children


ColorB3 Golden Brown


  • Non-drip hair dye formula

  • Composed of basic oils

  • Last long and does not fade


  • Might give your hair a dry or frizzy look


On the second spot, we have the name of Arctic Fox Vegan Hair Color Dye! This best purple dye for brown hair product is a semi-permanent dye that you can use for various hair bases ranging from platinum to light brown. For the light hair, it brings the feeling of vibrancy and tinting a darker shade.

The reason for its high popularity is the vibrant purple shade it gives to your hair on the first try. Another reason to love this product is that you won’t be finding any harmful chemical use in this hair dye product. There is no access to ethyl, alcohol, and PPD.

It is 100% safe to use and will condition the hair with a sweet scent. Apart from the purple shade, it has 21 other shades as well.

Key Features:

  • Avoid swimming after dye application

  • Do not use any heat styling

  • Wash in the cold water

  • Use of sulfate free shampoos


Item FormCream


  • Works on different hair base

  • No use of harmful chemical

  • 100% vegan

  • Bring a sweet scent


  • Color often bleeds


Special Effects SFX Hair Color acts as the semi-permanent hair dye to add your hair with an intense look. You will find it to be a cruelty-free product. This makes sure that you will be getting the hair dye look without any sort of harm.

Apart from purple, it is available in various color options. This includes candy apple red, blood red, wildflower, fishbowl, purple smoke, nuclear red, and mixer toner, cupcake pink, and hot lava. Pick your favorite one right now!

To let your hair glow under some black light, we have the best recommendation for you to choose cherry bomb, Hi-octane orange, cupcake pink, and atomic pink.

Key Features:

  • Works great as a pre-lightened or the bleached hair

  • Last for a maximum of 3-6 weeks


BrandSpecial Effects
ColorFish Bowl
Item FormCream


  • Available in numerous colors

  • Is a Vegan-product

  • Gives an intense shade


  • Worst smell

  • Extra messy


Manic Panic Hair Dye Color will help you to completely dye your hair in a dark and warm purple shade.  As it is a semi-permanent hair dye, so you are allowed to use it at any time. It is often easy to wash away if you want to change your hair color.

As you will use this hair dye, you will experience that it has left a sort of purple virgin tone in your hair. It is recommended to soften the shade with the addition of a Manic Panic Pastel-izer. This is 10% PPD, ammonia, paraben, and is Gluten and Phthalate-free.

Apart from purple, this shade is available in 40 more colors.

Key Features:

  • Wash your hair by using a deep clarifying shampoo

  • Avoid conditioning your hair with this dye

  • Use a tint brush on your dry hair for application

  • Avoid shampooing and just rinse the color with cold water


ColorPurple Haze
Item FormCream


  • PETA 100% certified

  • Ready to use and convenient hair dye

  • No involvement of harmful chemicals


  • Stains can occur on pillow covers


L’Oreal Paris Hair Color is what we are sharing on the 5th spot! With this hair dye color, you get a chance to experiment with different colors. But we take it as an ideal product. It comes in a form of a spray bottle.

Its lifespan is just 1 day and is available in 10 different shades. As it is not involving the use of peroxide or ammonia, therefore, it is easy to use. You don’t need to perform any bleaching. Just use it directly.

Key Features:

  • Apply when the hair is dry

  • Avoid using any heating products

  • Keep a maximum distance of 4-6 inches before you use it

  • Gives a vibrant shade once it is dry


BrandL’Oreal Paris
Color5 Medium Brown
Item FormCream


  • Available in easy to use a spray bottle

  • Perfect for the highlights

  • Ammonia and 100% peroxide free

  • Easy dye application


  • Give your hair a stiff and tangled look


L’Oreal Paris hair color works best for the perfect makeover. It is excellent to use for bleached or light blond hair look. We guarantee you that it is a semi-permanent best purple hair dye for dark hair without bleach and is 100% ammonia-free.

Plus, it is easy to customize the entire hair color by getting it mixed with a clear mixer. This is how you can get pastel shades of your wish.

Key Features:

  • Available with some ingredients that can cause allergy

  • Perform an allergy test at least 48 hours prior

  • Bleach also contains persulphate

  • Wait for a maximum of 15-30 minutes before you wash it away


BrandL’Oreal Paris
Item FormCream


  • 100% Vegan

  • Ammonia as well as peroxide free

  • Last for a maximum of 4-8 shampoos


  • Color might not be coming off easily


Last on our list is the Iroiro Purple Hair Color! This hair dye product is made from all-natural products where it does not contain any sort of harmful chemicals. It is 100% free from PPD, alcohol, synthetic fragrance, or peroxide.

Besides, it is a complete cream-based color that you can massage smoothly for your hair coloration. One main ingredient in this product is coconut oil. This ingredient is helpful to restore your damaged or dry hair by leaving an aromatic fragrance.

Key Features:

  • Lighten the hair before coloring

  • Shampoo it without any conditioning and fully dry your hair

  • Apply any protective cream on the hairline to avoid staining

  • Apply color evenly by wearing protective gloves

  • Let the color leave for maximum of 30 minutes


Item FormCream


  • 100% Vegan product

  • No use of harmful chemicals

  • All-natural dye products

  • Nourishes and smoothen the hair


  • Gives your hair a patchy effect

  • Not suitable for darker hair

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Purple Hair Dye

Now the question is how you can buy the best purple hair dye without any hassle. Let’s make your task a bit easy by sharing some helpful tips with you below:

  • Versatile Colors

Look for the best purple hair dye for dark hair product which is available in versatile shades. In this way, you will be left with the option to experiment with some other shades and not just the purple one. The majority of purple hair dye products are available in versatile shades. They include candy apple red, blood red, wildflower, fishbowl, purple smoke, nuclear red, mixer toner, cupcake pink, and hot lava.

  • Harsh Chemicals​

As you are finally changing your hair color, it is important to know in advance that whether the dye product is beneficial for your hair growth or not. And for that sake, your selected hair color should be free from harsh chemicals.

Try to look for a best dark purple hair dye product that is free from the chemicals of gluten, ammonia, Parabens, and PPD. Having a product with gentle formula will work best for your hair texture.

  • Temporary or the Semi-Permanent Dye

If you want any normal change, with a maximum of two washes, the best approach would be to look for a temporary hair dye. This type of hair dye will sit on your hair for a long and is easy to wash.

Semi-permanent color works best for you if you want your hair color to stay with you for at least one month. It is easy for the color to soak and does not even fade completely.

  • Ease of Use

To save time and effort, look for best purple dye for dark hairproduct that is easy to use. There is no need to put extra effort into aggressive mixing. You can get the dyes that are available in crème or spray form. Such products are easy to apply on without any struggle.

How you can Maintain Your Purple Hair Dye?

To give a personality a new and refreshing look, it is common that you choose to dye your hair in a unique tone. Some semi-permanent hair color dyes do not offer a long-lasting formula due to which you need to maintain proper upkeep.

Maintaining a purple hair color is not an easy task for the newbie. So to give you better guidance on it, here we have shared few important tips with you:

1. Washing your hair less often.

Most of the best purple hair dye brands are extra semi-permanent. As you will wash your hair, the overall intensity of the semi-permanent dyes will often rinse away. This is how you will be left with a small trace of pale purple color.

To let the purple color stay on you for a longer time, make sure you wash the hair less often. Besides a dry shampoo, try to use unscented baby powder for absorbing the extra oil on the hair.

2. Use of cold water

Using cold water will lock the moisture in the strands and will promote a healthy hair texture. This generally means that bleaching the hair will contribute to a frizzy texture. Hence the Semi-permanent purple hair dye will be staying for a longer period by washing it with cold water.

3. Mixing purple dye in your conditioner

The best approach to let your hair stay purple for a long time, you can mix the purple hair dye with conditioner. This will refresh the entire hair dye and will neutralizethe brassiness in the bleached locks.

Using conditioner every day is beneficial to add your hair with a healthy texture. You can choose brands that offer conditioners mixed with the purple dye within their lineup.

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQs

1. Is it possible to dye purple hair without bleaching it?

Yes, you can! You can easily dye your hair purple without using any bleach. Different brands manufacture the hair color in the purple shade which does not involve bleaching.

2. What is the meaning of purple hair dye?

Purple hair color is all about magic and creativity. It shows the mysterious side of your personality. Plus, it is also associated with royalty and wealth.

3. Which color can cancel your purple hair?

Yellow color is one such color that can cancel your purple hair dye upon application. If you want to cancel your purple hair dye, you can apply either orange or yellow dye. Orange is for light purple shade and yellow is to cancel dark purple.

4. What will happen if you will dye black hair purple?

It probably depends on your current hair color. If you are having dark hair, choosing purple dye will never bring great results. The purple color will never appear vibrantly if you have dark brown hair color.


Well, this is all we have ended up with top best purple hair dye 2021 reviews which are all great and incredible to use at their places. We have also mentioned the pros and cons with the reviews so you can better get an idea about how the hair dye works for you.

Look for the best purple hair dye which is easy to maintain, does not come off easily, and stays for a long duration. Are you ready to give your personality a royal touch with purple hair dye?