You all must have heard of hooded dryers and hair steamers. Both have their functions to perform. But most of you must not have heard about hooded steamers. Hair steaming technology is a little new in the styling world. There are many hair steamers available in the market under a different brand name. But before going to talk about some best hair steamers, let us explain what hair steamers are?

Let’s discuss one by one a few of the best hair steamers which are available in the market.

Kingdom beauty

Automatic shutoff button

Air pressure adjustor

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Secura S-192

2 in 1 function & Easily movable

Built in ozone generator

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DevLon NorthWest

Rolling base

Salon quality results

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Q-Redew Hand-held

Easily portable

Best for traveling

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Unlike previously reviewed hair steamer, this steamer delivers steam via an ultrasonic atomizer. The atomizer diffuses steam so quickly so that most of it gets absorbed into your skin and hair.

The steamer basically performs 2 in 1 functions. It can be used as a hair steamer and a face steamer as well. When you want to use it as a hair steamer you will put the hood on. Once you are done with hair steaming, you can convert it into a face steamer. This can simply be done by removing the hooded top from the gadget. So you can get benefits of two from only one gadget at a time. Firstly you can get moisturized healthy hair, and secondly, you can clean your skin by unclogging the pores on it. The steam will hydrate your skin and will add a natural glow to it by removing all the dirt particles from the skin. It will also increase the blood circulation towards your face and will probably treat all your skin problems.


  • Multipurpose

  • Easily movable


  • No cons founded yet.


Another two in one steamer by KINGDOMBEAUTY is a great product to be used at home. The tool has received the best reviews on Amazon. So we can surely call it one of the top hair steamers available in the market. This multi-function attractive gadget is extremely affordable to buy. As compared to many of its contemporaries, it is cheaper yet the quality is not compromised. It can give you professional results at home.

It works using 350 watts of heat and reaches most of the parts of your head and face easily. On the top of the hooded cap, it has an air pressure adjustor to adjust the pressure of the steam accordingly. It cleanses your hair cuticles. Induced with latest technology steam removes dirt particles and build-ups of the products from the cuticles and make hair healthy and strong. It detangles your hair. The ionic steam helps the ingredients of the products to be absorbed in hair and reverse their condition by repairing the damage. So if you have hair damaged due to excessive chemicals used in dying this steamer is a perfect choice for your hair.


  • Professional capacity steamer

  • Multi-purpose

  • Automatic shut off button

  • Has an air pressure adjustor


  • Too big to take along while traveling


This spa-quality hair steamer by DevLon with a rolling base is such an amazing tool to have at home. The tool is highly preferred by salons and spas due to its flawless results. The steamer comes with two adjustable power options which regulate the steam accordingly. You can either set the steamer on high or low levels depending on your hair type and need. The manufacturers of the product claim it to be long-lasting durable. There are 4 wheels which make the base of the steamer. These wheels let you move around the steamer from one place to another easily. This is why the steamer has been exceptionally liked by salons.


  • Rolling base

  • Salon quality results

  • Durable


  • A little difficult to operate


It can be seen from the name of the product that it is portable and handy. A tabletop mini facial and hair steamer is good to be used either at home or salon. It is induced with UV ozone function that helps to increase the quantity of the steam vapors. This function doubles the number of water vapors and produces more steam in lesser time. So you can get most out of a hair and a facial steaming process.

Like previously discussed negatively discharged ozone ions are extremely beneficial for treating hair and skin problems. The steamer can also be used as an interior humidifier in the places that lack moisture. Simple tap water can be used to make steam. So you don’t need to add any chemicals or essential oils into the water to get better results.


  • Portable and lightweight

  • UV Ozone function


  • Takes time to get heated up


If you like to travel a lot but do not want to spoil your skin and hair while in your travel, then this is a must buy steamer for you. It is a portable handheld hair steamer which can be maneuvered simply by your hand movements. This feature will give you the advantage to reach all the parts of your head equally by moving the steamer easily. With its compact design, it can be placed anywhere and does not take too much of the space in your cupboard.

The design is completely traveling friendly and safe to use on hands. Due to its compact and small size, the quality of the work it does for your hair is surely not compromised. It has a small water reservoir which is present just beneath the steam diffusers. Similar to any other hooded hair steamer it provides moisture and hydration to the hair and makes them look smooth and nourished. You cannot just moisture your hair with it but it is also able to style your hair in different styles. With its comb-like steam diffusers, it detangles your hair and set them in a new look.

Another great thing about this steamer is you can use it only to the parts you want to target only. So unlike hooded steamers, you don’t need to steam all your head if you don’t feel the need. It utilizes 650 watts of heat to deliver to the hair. The gadget comes with 2 years manufacture warranty with it.


  • Easily portable

  • Best for traveling


  • Small water reservoir

  • Uneven steam reaches to different hair strands

How does a Hair Steamer work?

A hair steamer contains a reservoir filled with water which is converted into steam with the help of a heating rod. This steam is then transferred to a hooded cap that is inverted on the head. From there this steam reaches your hair and opens hair cuticles to let the hair products absorbed in the hair easily. This is how the ingredients reach deep into the roots of the hair and nourish them well. The steamers also work best for treating your skin problems. You can also steam your face when you apply face masks. This will help better absorption of the product into the skin.

Best Hair Dryer V/S Best Hair Steamer

There are some significant differences between the functions of a hairdryer and a hair steamer performs.

  • Hairdryers utilize hot air to dry your hair while hair steamers use water vapors to moisturize and nourish your hair and skin
  • Hairdryers are used to set rollers and help in styling, whereas a steamer helps in the deep treatment of the skin and hair
  • A hairdryer can be used a straightener while hair steamers can enhance natural curls
  • Hairdryers can be damaging to the hair while hair steamers do not cause any damage to hair or skin. Rather it helps improving hair condition
  • A hairdryer is always used in the last of styling procedure whereas hair steamer is a beginning tool to enhance the natural look of your hair

Hair Steamers Benefits

There are plenty of the benefits of using hair steamers.

  • Hair steamers add moisture to your hair. This will increase the elasticity of the hair and in return will prevent them from breakage and damage
  • Steaming via hair steamers can reduce dryness and split ends
  • They help absorb the conditioning ingredients deep into your hair. The hot steam vapors open up the hair cuticles and let the oils and other essential products absorb in it quickly. This will further lead you to get nourished and healthy hair in no time
  • They can help reverse the damage caused by chemicals used in dying and other hair treatments
  • After all these benefits, one of the biggest benefits of hair steamers is that they pamper and relax you in the least possible way. The steam reaching to your neck and scalp is soothing and calms you down for a while

Tips for using Hair Steamers

  • Always follow the manual guide being given with the product
  • It is always advised to use distilled water instead of regular tap water. This will ensure the longevity of your tool
  • Fill the water reservoir to the full before you get started
  • Your hair must be completely covered under the hooded cap of the steamer to get the steam evenly
  • Always pour the left out water from out of the reservoir to avoid any build-ups in it
  • Never use a steamer for more than 30 minutes. It can be damaging otherwise. Repeat the process once in a week to get better results


Hence if you planning to buy a hair steamer for yourself we are pretty sure that this article is going to be a real help to you. You can buy any of the above-reviewed products for yourself and get an amazing experience out of it.