You might be surprised to listen to the fact that fades still exist! This hairstyle has always remained the main talk of the town among the men to give themselves a subtle and stylish look. Men with fades have a personality that will make the ladies go GAGA on them.

No matter whether you opt for the mid-fade or the low fade, choosing professional and best hair clippers for fades should be your priority.

Men normally prefer to visit the salon for getting the fade. But you can even do it yourself. But for that sake having a good clipper is a must.

To guide you more, here we have shared a list of best hair clippers for fades 2021 reviews to pick the best one for yourself right now. Let’s get into the discussion below!

Comparison of Best Hair Clippers for Fades Reviews 2021

Wahl Clipper Elite Pro High-Performance

Color is Black

Item Weightis 2.5 Pounds

Power Source is 100-120V AC

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Wahl Professional 5-Star

Color is Black

Item Weight is 2.6 Pounds

Power Source is 200-120V AC

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Sminiker Professional Hair Clippers

Color is Black

Item Weight is 2.8 Pounds

Power Source is 100-120V AC

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OSTER Fast Feed Adjustable

Color is Burgandy

Item Weight is 2.5 Pounds

Power Source is 100-150V AC

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Elite Pro is known to be the best Wahl best clippers for fades. This is because Wahl has been built with a durable motor capacity in its haircutting kit. As compared to the rest of the premium motors, its moor has the capacity of being 15% more powerful.

This corded unit is available with stainless steel self-sharpening blades. Blades are powerful enough where they are capable to maintain pristine conditions for a long period.

Cutting blades are available with the two opposing blades. These blades will rub against one another as you will turn on your hair clipper.

Plus, the kit is available with the 10 Secure-Fit guide combs in varying lengths that range from 1/16 – 1 inch for a smoother cutting experience. No doubt this clipper is excellent for all those men who prefer to cut hair on their own.

Key Features:

  • It was made in the USA

  • Taper lever is easy to use for smoother fades

  • Has an aggressive price for a reasonable home hair cutting

  • Available with red blade guards for extra protection

  • For long-term maintenance, it offers a cleaning brush and blade oil.

  • Offers a 5-year customer warranty


Item Weight2.5 Pounds
Power Source
100-120V AC


  • Dependable and powerful motor work

  • Sturdy guide combs will stay at one place

  • Included with the ½ and 1-½ guards for greater flexibility

  • Helps to cut the hair without any snag

  • The taper lever is adjustable

  • Offers a heavy-duty cord


  • Bulky

  • Noisy a bit

  • Does not include tapered ear attachments


To get professional and best hair clippers for fades, we have the best recommendation of another Wahl hair clipper for you. This needs to be on your wish list right now!

This reliable cordless clipper has been designed for professional use. The way it delivers excellent and optimum performance will make you fall in love with it. It has a lithium-ion battery that can function for more than 90 minutes per charge.

Plus, it is available with a high precision set of 2161 blades for providing excellent convenience and speed during cutting/trimming.

For precise cutting, the clipper has a stagger-tooth crunch blade. The involvement of the taper lever makes this clipper to be an ideal choice for fading.

Wahl has also installed a rotary motor in its unit. It runs cooler and functions powerful as compared to any other basic electromagnetic clippers. The package includes a recharging transformer, cleaning brush, and oil.

Key Features:

  • Carbon steel blades are extra harder and greatly sharper in comparison to traditional stainless steel

  • The package has the red blade guard (high visibility), with a brush, and lubricating oil, as well as eight cutting guides

  • Screw mount will make it easy for you to clean the blades daily.

  • Best for both dry and wet hair

  • Has a customer warranty of 1-year


  • Powerful motor

  • Great for the textured cuts

  • Offers a long cordless running time

  • Highly versatile

  • Available in a lightweight design


  • Pricey

  • Little noisy

  • Blades can often rust after few months


The next most amazing hair clippers for taper fade on our list are from Sminiker! This hair clipper is perfect for all those people who do not prefer to spend much on the high-quality clipper.

This unit kit is available with all required accessories and with a powerful cordless clipper. Plus it is also included with the six comb attachments which range from 3mm to 18mm along with the cleaning brush and 1 stainless steel scissor.

Moreover, you will also found two lithium batteries with a charging capacity of 2-3 hours and can run for a maximum of eight hours.

These are the heavy-duty gear that is rather installed with the rotary motor. This provides the clipper with great versatility and premium torque power.

For protecting your skin against any sort of accidental wounds, the clipper is designed in the R-shaped rounded edge. The blade is made out of durable titanium to let the blades stay sharp and long-lasting.

Furthermore, this clipper is also recommended for those men who are quite sensitive to any noise.

With the 50dB running noise capacity, it does not give you any hassle of loud noise. It is such an ultra-quiet design having low vibrations and with a superior precise motor.

Key Features:

  • Offers simple thumb lever with the on-off switch for an easy use

  • The cutting blade is made from the rigid carbon steel

  • Its aluminum body offers a great durability

  • Runs as in both a cool and quiet state

  • 12-months of customer warranty


  • Powerful motor

  • Available with a one-year warranty

  • Affordable

  • Has the fastest charging time

  • Longer operation time

  • Modern and lightweight design


  • The cord is quite short

  • Blades often get hot after 7 minutes


Next on our list, we have this amazing Oster Fast Feed which is an adjustable and smooth clipper to use for fades. This clipper runs on the powerful Whisper Quiet powerful pivot motor with which you can cut through various lengths and textures.

The best thing about these best clippers for bald fades is that it is suited for both wet and dry hair. Hence, no doubt that it is one of the best clippers available in the market due to its high durability.

It has a powerful casing that lasts for a long. Plus, it is hence available with textured-easy-grip housing for extra comfort.

Plus, it is available with 8-foot power which is extra convenient for the corded fading operation. It is just offering three guide combs i.e. ¼ inch -⅜ inch -½ inches. In the packaging kit, you will find lubricating oil, a blade guard, and a cleaning brush.

The blade quality of this clipper has made it to be one of the most top favorites among men. Blades are hence made from pure stainless steel for long-lasting use. The adjustable blade has sizes that range from #000 to #1.

Key Features:

  • Best for both hair cutting and beard trimming

  • The Pivot motor is capable to cut the hair in just a single pass

  • Various length combs which you can purchase separately

  • 000 to 1 adjustable length of the blade

  • Corded powerfully limits the mobility


  • Durable blade and housing

  • Best for both wet and dry hair

  • Works on a superior motor

  • Cuts quietly and smoothly

  • Has plastic clips that can fit securely


  • Blades do get hot very quickly

  • Its on/off switch is quite awkward.


This is a lightweight and durable professional clipper that belongs to Conair. It weighs just 4 ounces. This 20-piece kit is available with the scissors, 10 guide combs, as well as oil, cleaning brush, blade guard, and barber cape, and storage case. This has been among the best cheap home hair clippers for fades.

Conair makes the best use of a professional form of stainless steel blade technology. You can also set the blades at a certain angle which hence makes the whole trimming so much easy to do. It works best on all types of hair. With the help of tapering control, you can refine the whole cutting operation in a better way.

Its major drawback is its battery lifespan which is quite short. On 3 hours of battery charging, you can just run this cordless kit for around 75 minutes.

Key Features:

  • Available at the price which is quite a lot cheap

  • Corded power for the long battery life

  • Best for easily cutting kids hair

  • Offers six guides for the limited flexibility in the hair length


  • Available with all needed accessories

  • Has a storage case

  • Light in weight

  • Has a firm grip.

  • Offers both corded and cordless options

  • Charges in less time


  • Has a loud noise

  • The unit often get got very quickly

A Quick Guide on Best Hair Clippers for Beginners 

Just for the beginners, who are newly using the best clippers for fades afro hair, here, we have a quick guide to knowing more about this product and its uses. Let’s have a look:

Can you get a cut from hair clippers?

Yes, these best cordless clippers for fades are capable enough where they can nip or cut your skin. But if you want to avoid getting any cut, keep the blades in the perpendicular position to your skin. This will hence stop the blade to get in contact with your skin.

Can you sharpen the hair clippers?

Yes, you can sharpen them with the help of some tools. You just have to search for the service of blade sharpening to get better results.

Can you use hair clippers on dogs?

No! Human hair clippers are different from those clippers which are designed for animals. Clippers for pet grooming have low noise so it won’t bother the noise sensitivity of the pet. Plus, their blades are not sharp enough to avoid harming the pet’s skin.

Can you carry hair clippers on a plane?

Yes, you can store the best clippers for black hair fades in your luggage or take them along with you for the checked luggage when traveling.

Can you suffer from folliculitis due to hair clippers?

Yes, you can! But this is just possible if you are using any clipper from the barbershop. Folliculitis is an inflammation condition in which the hair follicles will be infected from the bacterial infection.

If a barber is styling your hair, make sure they have used a new clipper that is properly cleaned.

Can HIV get transmit from hair clippers?

Yes, they can! According to a recent survey, around 42% of people get affected by HIV due to the tools used at the barbershop. Further research is still needed to be done but you can get HIV from hair clippers at a barbershop.

Can you use hair clippers for beards?

Probably not! Best cordless hair clippers for skin fades are best for facial hairs so using them for trimming your beard is not perfect at all. There is a considerable difference between the bread trimmer and hair clipper.

Using the best hair clippers for fades and kids for the beard will not be helpful for you to reach those areas of the beard which need minor contouring.

This can be either under the nose or along with the jawline. Plus, cutting guides of the hair clipper are based on small steps which are different from the guide of a beard trimmer. So all in all the answer is a big NO!

Are hair clipper and hair trimmer two different things?

Well, hair trimmer and hair clippers are quite distinct from one another. You can use the hair clippers for easily cutting the larger amount of hair on your head.

But hair trimmers are best to shape the hairline, wispy hairs, or sides. Plus, hair trimmers are quite small in size with smaller cutting teeth.


Well, we hope that this information guide might have helped you a lot to pick an excellent hair clipper for fades for a perfect styling look.

Pick the best hair clippers for fades that are great in their advanced features, design, and motor power. And most importantly it should stand on your budget too.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your hands on the ideal and best hair clippers for fades right now!