Facial Steamer has an amazing effect on your skin and you will only know about its results when you will use it. It can unblock your pores and improve your skin tone. If you want great and amazing results, then say hello to your new friend- the facial steamer!

A facial steamer cleanses your pores and gives your whole-body relaxation. They are also affordable yet providing you good results at home.

After a lot of searching and getting reviews from the people, we have finally listed the top facial steamer for you people so that you can choose the best among them according to your need. Here is the best facial steamer:

  • Nano ionic steamer comes with towel chamber and a 5-piece bonus skin kit.
Olaxer Facial Steamer
  • It is one of the best steamers to get at an affordable price. Easy to use and gives you a spa-like an experience.
Ecvision Facial Steamer
  • It is a stylish and handy steamer which operates quickly without taking time. Although it has a smaller tank it has a UV lamp to sterilize the steam.
Kingdomcares Hot Mist
  • It is a great device serving triple functions of steamer, humidifier and a towel warmer, using a UV lamp to purify the steam.
Okachi NanoSteamer
  • This steamer is stylish but at the same time easy to use. It is hygienic and exerts the steam which is pure and sterilized.
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Nano-steamer Large 3-in-1 [Our Recommended]


Editor’s Choice: The Nano steamers are the best and fasters selling facial steamer. It is not hard to see why it is the bestselling facial steamer as it has amazing features in it.

Nano-steamer 3 in 1 is one of the most effective products to be used for your skin. It works efficiently by using Nano-ionic steam technology which penetrates into the skin 10 times effectively as compared to any other steamer. It improves blood circulation towards your skin and increases the functioning of the cells residing in your skin. Increased blood circulation makes your skin youthful and glowing.

Nano-steamer Large 3-in-1

What is Included?

If you buy a 3 in 1 Nano-steamer, you will get a 3 in 1 Nano-steamer unit, along with a cup to pour water, and a power cord. It also has separate compartments for towels to be warmed and steamed correctly. You will also get a bonus of 5 pieces of stainless-steel blackhead and blemish removal set of standard quality.


Nano-steamer is a multipurpose device. This can be used as a steamer to open up your blocked nasals due to sinuses or flu. Steam can also be used as a source of revitalizing your skin making it look younger. You can relax by taking a warm steamed towel under your neck or anywhere else you want. Some of its features are mentioned below;

• Powerful humidifier: It is a powerful device to retain the humidity of the room. So, it acts as a humidifier by keeping your room moist and maintaining the room’s humidity level.

• Nano-Steamer: Nano steamer works on nano steam technology. It uses a combination of a relatively new ultrasonic vaporizer technology with traditional ways of heating. Nano steam produces more negatively charged ions, making the water more negative. When water becomes negative, it penetrates into your skin approximately 10 times more effectively than any other steamer you buy at the same price.

• Large water tank: The tank nano steamer has for the storage of water is relatively larger if compared with other steamers of the same quality and same price. It stores water that can last and continue the steam process for approximately 30 minutes. Hence you can use these 30 minutes in multiple ways, such as using the steamer for various parts of your body, or a face steamer or even as a humidifier for retaining and maintaining the humidity of your room.

• Towel warming chamber: Another unique feature of this nano 3 in 1 steamer is the presence of separate compartments for warming your towels. So, you can roll up and put the towel easily into those compartments. This is how it steams a number of towels while saving your time from steaming them repetitively.

• Intuitive controls: You can easily switch to different settings by controlling the device with a single button. So only turning on a single button you can switch between a steamer to a humidifier or to a towel warmer.

• Silent operation: Although it uses a lot of energy and power, yet it does not make any sound. So, you can easily and comfortably enjoy the steaming process in a peaceful environment.

• 5-Piece blemish extractor kit: It comes with 5 different extraction pieces for the purpose of cleaning your pores. These pieces remove blackheads, clean pores, and clear skin. They come in 5 different shapes which can be used differently for different places. Hence you can clean your face the way you want to. These shapes include eye hole, angles, needle, oval and flat wire so that you can clean your pores without putting much effort.

• Guaranteed results: The nano steam technology used in the tool gives the best results. It penetrates into your skin, increasing the blood circulation towards the skin. It enhances the oxygen absorption into the skin and gives you fresh and revitalized skin. It also adds an extra shine to your face by giving you a youthful look also improves your complexion.

Nano Steamer Ease Of Use

Ease of Use

This steamer is very beneficial and easy to use. It saves your time by quickly starting the process. You only have to fill the tank with the water using the pourer cup and switch it on. It only takes half an hour to start up the whole process. You can select the setting according to your desire, for example; steamer, towel warmer, or room humidifier.

Towel Warmer and Tools

The towel warmer is very attractive. Although it is small in size so that you can only use small sized towels in it. It also has 5 pore extraction pieces with it. All of these pieces have different shapes and are used for cleaning different parts of the device. These pieces are used in order to clean the pores whatever way you want them to clean.


  • It starts up quickly
  • It has easy control settings
  • It also has towel steaming chambers in it
  • Comes with pore extraction pieces
  • Powerful but not makes noise


  • No, we love the product
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Olaxer Facer Steamer with Aromatherapy Basket

If you want a steamer which adds on to your steaming experience, then you must not miss out this fantastic Olaxer Facer steamer. This is best for those who are fond of good aromas around them. The best thing about this is the choice of selecting between a short session of hot steam or a long session of cold steam. It comes with a large water storing tank, with an adjustable nozzle, so you can easily adjust and direct the steam on your face. If you want to enjoy fresh aromas while steaming your face, you can always add essential oils into aromatherapy basket. So, your steaming experience goes beyond ordinary ones. This is how you can enjoy a spa-like steaming experience.

Olaxer Facer Steamer with Aromatherapy Basket


One of the unique features olaxer facer has is the addition of aromatherapy basket with it. You can add different scents of your choice to it and enhance your steaming experience. So along with nourishing your skin with, you can relax with soothing fragrances around your home. This steamer also helps your daily creams to penetrate and get absorbed in a better way to regain natural moisturizer of your skin.

• Aromatherapy basket- One of the best things that this steamer gives you is the unique experience of steaming along with such soothing aromas. You can add any essential oils or even fresh fruits into it so that their aroma refreshes your home and will amaze the people who visit your place.

• Hot or cold steam- If you are using this steamer, then you can always choose between hot and cold steam. Hot steaming opens up pores, cleans and purifies them. It also improves collagen production. While cold steam locks in the nutrients and moisturizes your skin. It also reduces the production of more pores by closing them. So, it would be better to have a cold steam session while in the night time, so the natural moisture can retain giving you a revitalized skin.

• Large 180ml tank- If you are looking for a steamer with a large tank, then this is the best option to buy. This steamer gives you the 20 minutes of hot steam sessions, while 70 minutes of the cold steam session due to its large tank. So, it saves your time and energy and does not make much sound in your environment.

• Automatic shutoff- Since the steamer turns off automatically if it runs out of the water, so it does not produce steam without water. Hence you will not be worried about when to shut your device off while steaming sessions.

• Adjustable nozzle- While using the steamer you can manage the direction of the nozzle that exerts steam. Whatever direction you want to move your steamer you can alter the steam flow by adjusting angles accordingly.

• Promotes Collagen Production- Hot steam sessions will be helpful in opening up your pores, cleans and purifies them. It makes the nutrients absorbed into the skin faster and promotes collagen production. Hence it gives you a youthful rejuvenating look by increasing the elasticity of the skin.

Ease of Use

If you are beginner, then this steamer is way too easy to use. It refills easily, shuts off automatically and is easy to handle. It will save your time from refilling it again and again due to its larger tank. While it is easy for you to clean it and can be used as a humidifier. It also has a lid over the steam outlet to prevent bacteria invade in.


A dedicated aromatherapy basket can be filled with scents and fragrances to add a beautiful flavor to your steaming sessions. You can use fresh fruits and essential oils to enhance your aromatic experience.


  • Easy to use & Easy to clean
  • Adjustable nozzle
  • Larger tank
  • Can be used as a humidifier
  • Aromatherapy
  • Hot and cold steaming sessions
  • Runs for 20 minutes in hot steaming
  • Runs for 70 minutes for cold steaming


  • None, we love this Product
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ECVISION Nano Ionic Warm Mist Steamer

If you are looking for a stylish steamer you must get this Ecvision nano ionic steamer. It looks stylish and fabulous if kept on your shelf. An additional feature is that it sterilizes the steam with UV light. So, you can have a steam session in most hygienic ways.

What is included?

It comes with a facial steamer kit and a bonus of 5 piece set of pore cleaning extractors. It also uses nano steam technology which is completely sterilized and hygienic.


This stylish looking steamer makes steam within 12 minutes without making a noise. It cleans and moisturizes your skin and can be used as a humidifier at the same time.

ECVISION Nano Ionic Warm Mist Steamer

• UV sterilizing lamp- One of the unique features of this steamer is that it pass the steam through a UV lamp that sterilizes the steam before it reaches to your skin.

• Nano-Atomization- The steam that reaches to your skin is completely neutral. This means that it does not have any charge on it. So, it absorbs into your skin more effectively making it healthier and glowing.

• PTC heating element- It heats up as soon as you will turn the steamer on. This is due to the ceramic heating element present in it. Hence the steam is formed so quickly, which means that it saves your time and electric energy both simultaneously. It does its job smoothly without making noise in your environment.

• Extremely fast steam production- It starts producing steam quickly in just 18 seconds after you turn it on. This fast steaming action not only soothes you instantly but also saves your time.
• Dust Cap- The steamer comes with a dust cap on the steam outlet. This feature makes it hygienic and saves the water from bacteria and germs to enter into it.

• Bonus 5-piece pore extraction set- You can get a bonus of 5-piece pore extraction set with it. So, you can easily clean and remove your blackheads with the help of them. These pore extraction tools come in different shapes, so you can use the tool according to your need. These also have a covering case with them. So, you can keep them with care. The case also contains 3 times zooming mirror, so you can remove dirt from pores with ease.

Ease of use

This is user-friendly and easy to use the tool. It looks stylish and can be placed anywhere due to its smart design. It starts up easily without taking much of your time. So, it is really good for you if you cannot spend much of your time on your skincare. You only have to place it on a smooth surface, fill the tank with water, turn the power on and enjoy your amazing experience of steaming.


Steam produced uses nanotechnology which is 10 times more effective than ordinary steam. As the steam is neutral in charge hence it penetrates into your skin more efficiently and rejuvenates it. It moisturizes it in just 18 seconds without taking much of your time.


The steam produced is highly hygienic as it passes through a UV steaming lamp. It kills bacteria and germs present in the steam. So, your experience is soothing and hygienic simultaneously.


Once you are done with the steaming process, you must wash off your face with cold water. This will help to close your opened pores and with lock in the moisture. Also, clean all the tools you have used during the process. You can also apply any moisturizer or toner of your choice afterward.


  • Stylish and starts up quickly
  • Does not make any noise
  • UV sterilization


  • The tank is smaller and ends in just 12 minutes
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KingdomCares Hot Mist Moisturizing Facial Steamer

This is 3 in 1 tool which can be used as a steamer, humidifier, and a towel warmer. This can be used for different areas of your body. It hydrates and moisturizes your skin while cleaning your pores.

What is included?

It comes with a manual, a steamer, makeup mirror attached on the inner side of the steamer lid and a handle to pick it up easily. It also has a UV lamp in order to purify the steam.


It enhances the absorption of your moisturizer into the skin by its steaming action. Though it is small and simple to use but has an elegant design to look at.

KingdomCares Hot Mist Moisturizing Facial Steamer

• Steam within 30 seconds- It produces steam within 30 seconds as it turns on due to its high-frequency ultrasonic vibration mechanism.

• Produces nano ionic water particles- As the water has no ionic particles steam penetrates into the skin more 10 times more effectively. It easily crosses the skin barrier and moisturizes it.

• Consistent steam- It makes the steam flow towards the skin consistent covering all parts of your face.

• Automatic shutoff- Once the tank is empty it shuts off automatically. It saves electric energy. It also prevents your device from damage occurs from running without water.

• Larger tank- It has a larger capacity to store water in it. Hence it helps you to save your time from refilling the tank again and again.

• Silent operation- Though it performs multiple functions which are quite an energy consuming, yet it does not produce any noise in the environment.

• Hygienic- Before the steam reaches to your skin it purifies it by passing it from UV lamp. Hence the steam is hygienic and completely clean from bacteria

• Adjustable steam direction- you can always adjust the steam whatever direction you want to flow it via an adjustable knob on it. You can adjust angles and rotate the steam outlet accordingly.

• Contains a mirror- Its lid contains a looking mirror where you can see to clean your pores and blackheads. You can also use it as a makeup mirror if you want to.

• Promotes collagen production- As the steam crosses the skin barrier, it promotes collagen production and increases the elasticity of the skin. Hence leaving your skin youthful.

Ease of use

It is handy and easy to use due to small and attractive design. You only have to fill the tank and turn on the switch and can get started. It releases steam in only 30 seconds.


  • Lager tank
  • Stylish design
  • Automatic shutoff


  • Not recommended to use with essential oils
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Okach Gliya NanoSteamer Professional

Okach Gliya NanoSteamer uses a nano steaming technology to speed the steaming process. It is a great device to be kept at home for steaming. It is small and has a stylish design. It never gives out plastic smell or any other harmful gases.

What is included?

You will get a steamer with double-sided makeup mirror, and a dust lid. Its UV lamp purifies the steam and makes your skin feels younger and fresh by penetrating more nutrients into it. It keeps the steam at a balanced temperature of 40 degrees.

Okachi Gliya NanoSteamer Professional


It comes in 2 beautiful colors with a beautiful design. It has only 1 control button and the water tank is operated by push and release button.

• PTC ceramic heating element- This ceramic heating element heats up the water quickly. It converts it into micro-fine particles which makes it penetrate more into the skin.

• UV light disinfection- It gives you 100 percent pure and disinfected steam by using a UV light lamp. It purifies and sterilizes the steam.

• Intelligent steaming balance system- As the steam is exerted it reaches a constant temperature of 40 degrees within 30 seconds and remains at this temperature during the process.

• Mirror- It has double sized makeup mirror, so you can beautify and soothe yourself side by side.

• Portable- It is small in size, so you can pack it in your suitcase and can take it along anywhere you wish to go.

• Automatic shutoff- Like other steamers it also has an automatic shutoff mechanism, so you can use it without any fear.

Ease of use

Its design is user-friendly and has a minimum use of buttons to be operated. The LED light will blink as the device is plugged in and will turn white when it turns on. It takes 30 seconds to start up and reach a constant steaming temperature.


  • Smart design
  • Portable
  • No plastic smell


  • Not suitable for people with allergies
  • Also, not safe for menstruating and pregnant women
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What are the benefits of Facial Steamers?

What are the benefits of Facial Steamers

  • Steamers increase blood circulation towards the skin. Oxygen reaching the skin nourishes the skin cells and increases the elasticity of the skin. This is how skin cells perform better functions. Steam also improves your complexion.
  • When steam reaches your skin, it becomes neutral and has no charge on it. This steam crosses the skin barrier in order to hydrate it.
    Aromatherapy gives you a refreshing feeling and soothes your mind. It also enhances the environment within your home with its beautiful fragrances.
  • Steam is not only important for your skin, but it also helps you deal with sinuses. It can open blocked sinuses hence helping you to breathe better. It will also make you get rid of headaches that usually occur due to sinuses.
  • Once the pores are open due to steam you can remove all the dirt and impurities out of them. It also helps in removing blackheads.