During shower time, it is easy for you to clean the front side of your body. But it is a little hard to reach the backside of your body or the shoulder. This is the point when you should think about looking for some easy-to-use best back scrubber brush. These brushes are hence also known as back scrubber brushes. This best back scrubber brush is essential to exfoliate the skin where it is hard to reach. You will feel a certain softness and silkiness in your skin.

Do you want to know which back scrubber brushes are high in demand? Let’s just not waste time and grab the list of best back scrubber brush reviews 2021 to pick the best one for yourself right now.

Comparison Table of 4 Best Back Scrubber Brush

Metene Exfoliating Shower Brush

Doesn’t irritate your skin

Easy to hold

Exfoliates very well

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 TopNotch Brush Long Handle



Exfoliates well

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Body Brush Natural Bristle

100% natural



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Vive Shower Brush

Doesn’t mold

Rubber grip handle

Use wet or dry

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This is one of the excellent and best back scrubber brush for easy exfoliation of the body. This is a double-sided brush head that you can use both wet and dry. It has soft bristles, which hence makes it highly comfortable to use for long minutes.

You might find the brush to be quite long, which is uneasy for some people to roll around on both during the shower. But with the help of a hanging loop, you can hence place the scrubber at one side and allow it to get dry when not in use.

The other side of the brush is quite firm which is an excellent option for body massage. Trust me; it won’t hence scratch your skin at all. Besides, the brush also has rubber grips. In this way, you can hence hold the brush easily during a shower.

Key Features:

  • Promotes extra circulation

  • Reduces the cellulite

  • Natural and stiff bristles

  • 40 cm of the long brush handle

  • Best for the sensitive skin

  • Offers a Hanging loop


  • Easy to use in both dry and wet conditions

  • Does not cause any harm to the skin

  • Easy to hold

  • Exfoliates the body well


  • Matts very quickly

  • Heavy


This is one such best back scrubber brush that is suitable for both men and women. You will find that it does not disintegrate with soaps or gels at the time of use.

You can use this best shower back scrubber brush to get your body to be free from hairs. This is all because of the smooth bristles that are attached to it. It won’t cause your handle to break while you are using it.

This brush is not suitable for sensitive skin. As the bristles are stiff and are less flexible; therefore, it might cause sensitive skin to feel rashly.

Key Features:

  • 14 inches handle

  • Best for both male and female

  • One-sided head of the brush

  • Highly Exfoliates

  • Available in Shatterproof

  • Made out of polypropylene plastic

  • Reduces the cellulite


  • Has a shatterproof nature

  • Extremely gentle

  • Exfoliates the skin well


  • Hard brush bristles

  • The handle is relatively short


On the third spot, we have Thetis Homes back scrubber, which is hence made out of bamboo. It has 100% natural bristles over the top of the brush head.

You will find this bath back scrubber to be a perfect combination of supple and ridges. It is suited for people who have fragile and thin skin. Plus the people with skin allergies can also use this brush at its best. It is hence safe to use due to its 100% natural material.

Key Features:

  • It has 4-inches of round brush head.

  • 7-inch of the brush handle

  • Removes all dirt and residue from the pores

  • Removes the excess oil

  • Improves the blood circulation

  • Promotes the entire lymphatic system


  • 100% natural

  • Fully Hypoallergenic

  • Highly Flexible

  • Best for all types of skin


  • Might get mold

  • Brush hairs will fall out


This is such a perfect long-handled bath shower back brush to have the at-home spa experience. You can use it for the shower to clean the back of your body’s area. Plus, you can hence use this brush with soap and water or gets dry as the cellulite treatment.

In this best back scrubber for shower, you will find enough bristle which covers the entire brush. Hence, you will hence have a satisfying experience during the shower. The brush’s wooden material is relatively smooth and does not slip out of your hand during the bath. It has a rubber grip to hold the handle of the brush when wet easily.

Key Features:

  • 17-inch of the long wooden handle

  • The dual-sided design of body brush

  • Stiff boar smooth bristles

  • Safe for the face and body

  • Used as both wet or dry

  • Durable brush handle

  • Coated with the 100% waterproof layer


  • Used as both wet or dry

  • Does not mold

  • Best to use for both face and neck

  • Available with a rubber grip handle


  • Matts very easily

  • Not a long-lasting option


Surlees non-slip back scrubber is the topmost leading brush on our list, which you need to pick right now. This brush is in high demand during the shower for your back.

Hence, this best shower back scrubber is having heavy bristles, which are excellent for firm back massage. It hence even helps you to clean your skin smoothly. To get extra flexibility out of the brush, it is recommended to soak it in water for at least 3 minutes before using it. As the bristles are soft, so it is hence best for people who are having fragile skin.

Key Features:

  • Improves the back acne

  • Reduces the itchy skin

  • Stops the skin from getting dull

  • Double layer of bristles

  • Non-slip brush handle

  • Ergonomic strong grip

  • The long handle is around 13.8 inch


  • Extra durable

  • You can hold it easily

  • Is long-lasting

  • Easy to hung to dry


  • Too much soft

  • The brush has short bristles


On the 6th spot, we have Ithyes body brush! This hands free shower back scrubber is excellent for the easy circulation of blood in your body. It is full of brush hairs to make your scrubbing experience a better shape.

After using this best back scrubber for bacne, you won’t be finding your skin raw and rough at all. You will find that all the brush hairs have been packed together and will never fall out easily. However, a significant drawback of this brush is its handle which is not too strong enough for the body to scrub with extra force. It can hence easily break if you are not gentle during the scrubbing.

Key Features:

  • Removes the dead skin cells

  • Promotes high blood circulation

  • Brightens the skin

  • Softens the skin

  • Long brush handle

  • The round shape of the brush head

  • Made from Plastic


  • Dries up quickly

  • Easy to maintain

  • Increased lymphatic drainage


  • Prickly set of bristles

  • Extra flimsy


The best thing about this best exfoliating back scrubber is that you can use it both dry and wet. It hence helps reduce the results of cellulite and often eliminates clogged pores. You will hence have an outstanding shower experience.

Besides, you will find the handle of the brush to be in the perfect length. It is neither short nor too much longer. Plus, it will hence never slide or slip about, which will allow you to maintain the grip in your hand. Hence, you will hence find this back washer scrubber to be extra effective compared to the dry body brush compared to the back scrubber. It gets too much soft once the bristles get wet.

Key Features:

  • The long handle of 14 inch

  • Use dry to exfoliate easily

  • Is a Non-slip

  • Extra durable

  • Stimulates the lymphatic system

  • Reduces the back acne


  • Long-lasting, durable nature

  • Thick brush bristles

  • Extra soft

  • Bristles will never fall out


  • Lacks in exfoliation

Significant Things to Consider when Choosing Best Back Scrubber

Now let’s discuss a few of the significant points which you should consider when buying the best electric back scrubber for the shower.

  • Can it easily reach all places?

Make sure that your selected scrubber can reach all parts of your body. Try to look for the one with the long handle from which you can get maximum benefits.

  • Is It Easy To Grip?

Having a comfortable handle design plays a vital role. Before you choose any brush, make sure that it should have an easy grip, and it should have an anti-slip design or non-slip ridges. Your handle has to be durable for long-lasting use.

  • Can you use it for both Wet and Dry Brushing?

Try to look for a brush that is capable enough to serve you for different purposes. Picking a dry brush will help you to stimulate the skin and exfoliate all the dead skin cells. Try to look for the brush which is best for both wet and dry scrubbing.

  • Is It Mildew-Resistant?

Mold or mildew deposits are pretty standard in all brushes. It would help if you are looking for a brush that dries quickly. This will often reduce the chances of getting molding. We will recommend you to look for the cloth back scrubber because it has quick-drying nature.

  • Are The Bristles Durable?

You don’t want the bristles to fall out after a few uses quickly. Therefore, you have to look for the brush, which has bristles to be attached to the brush surface or base. Also, the bristles should be soft and not too much hard.

A Quick Guide on Best Back Scrubber Brushes

Types of Back Scrubbers

The back scrubber is divided into different types discussed below:

  • Cloth or Pad Type Back Scrubber:

This brush has a handle on both ends, which you can hold and let your back area get scrubbed smoothly. It is easy to store and use.

  • Brush:

Such brushes are made up of either natural bristles or nylon. Some of them are also having plastic nodes for easy massaging. This has always remained one of the most back scrubbers to get right now.

  • Electric Back Scrubber:

Using the electronic brush is easy to use. The whole process of scrubbing becomes hassle-free for you to brush it around your body at just one click. But it is a little expensive as compared to the rest of the brush types.

How can you use a Back Scrubber?

You can use a pad type of cloth scrubber to use it easily. Just rinse the cloth area over the body with soap. Now you have to place the cloth on the back and hold both the handles for a few seconds. For scrubbing, you have to move your hands in an upward and downward direction.

But if you are using a brush type, then add soap and water to its bristles. Hold the handle tightly and rub it over the back of your body. Make sure you clean the bristles.

If you want to use an electric brush, you have to add soap and water to the bristles. You can set the speed of the brush according to your requirements. Once it gets turned on, you can scrub your body. For easy use, make sure you keep changing the directions.

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQs

1. After how much time you should dispose of the brush for hygiene reasons?

It is essential to dispose of the brush at least after six months. This is much needed to avoid unhealthy bacterial buildup over the brush that somehow leads to some skin infections or irritation.

2. Can you detach the handle with the brush head?

No, it is not possible! You cannot detach the brush head and handle together. They are permanently attached.

3. Is it essential to use extra force when exfoliating the back?

As if you will use the brush with extra force, it might cause the handle to bend slightly or make it get curvy. Be a little gentle.

4. Can a brush collect some mildew when hung over the shower?

You can have it hang over the dry or warm area to get it to get dry completely.

5. How you can clean the scrubber brush?

The best way to clean the brush is by rinsing it into the leftover soap with warm water until the water runs completely clear.


So what are you waiting for? If you want to make your shower experience better and give your skin a smooth feel, then choose the reliable and best back scrubber brush right now. Pick the one which you feel is easy to handle to roll around on your body. But make sure it stands on your budget as well.