All of the women be they housewives or working, want flawlessly healthy and long hair. It takes them forever in growing such long hair which looks healthy and perfect as well. They follow the hair care routine strictly. They also use various hair masks, do oiling, moisturize and condition hair to get shiny long hair. So the struggle is really hard to get long healthy hair. However, styling is no doubt a part of a routine of every woman. Most women find it easier to straighten their hair with a flat iron instead of other tools. But of course, flattening irons do have their own effects on the hair. They damage the hair more than any other styling tool.

But you don’t need to worry about styling anymore. In the following article, we will be sharing how you can make fancy hairstyles using hot rollers. The article also contains how rollers are better than using flat irons on your hair. So let’s begin with discussing some of the benefits of using hot rollers.

1. Reduced Risk of Damage due to Heat

Using styling tools means that you are exposing your hair to the heat that is coming out of the tool. Whether it’s flattening iron, curling rod or even the blow dryer, all of them involve direct exposure of heat to the hair. This means your hair strands are at a high risk of damage due to exposure to such a high temperature. This high temperature can burn, break or even make your hair weak with constant use.

While on the other hand rollers do involve heating but the heat is not direct. After applying rollers on you need to under a hooded dryer for a while to set the curls properly. Yet the heat is not direct. The heat is only generated to set the curls. This method of styling prevents your hair from direct exposure to heat. So in this way, there are lesser chances of damage to your hair through rollers. You can get fancy and glamorous hairstyles without making high damage to your hair.

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2. Help in retaining Moisture in the hair

Deep conditioning and oil treatments mean that you are moisturizing your hair cuticles to grow healthy. These moisturizing products go deep into the hair cuticle and make them strong from roots to tips. They also make your hair look shinier and glossy. But when you are using heating tools on your hair, this means you are playing with this moisture. Direct heating absorbs all those essential conditioning ingredients from your hair.

This is the reason why your hair looks dull and lifeless after frequent use of heating products. Rollers in this matter are completely safe to use on the hair. This is because they do not involve direct heating as mentioned above. Instead, they help retain the natural moisture of the hair. Even if you are using steam hot rollers as well, they will also help you regain your hair moisture again. This is how alternatively you can make your hair look well-nourished yet tied up in beautiful hairstyles.

3. There is no Heat Option as well

Many women who use rollers may find a necessary to sit under a hooded hair dryer to dry hair and get better curls. But in reality, this is not a case every single time. If you are using rollers on your hair for styling, you don’t always need a heat drying. Rather you can only dry the rollers under the room temperature easily. It will take a little longer than hot air drying. But it will not be damaging to your hair.

As far as you know the right technique of rolling and wrapping the hair strands around, you can do wonders with them. Hence another benefit of using rollers is you can style up yourself without damaging your hair from direct heat exposure. Additionally, you can also save your money from buying an expensive hooded dryer for styling. Instead, you can invest that money in other beauty equipment to get a quality product.

4. Saves your Time

Styling means you are going to invest a lot of your time in making your hair. Once you are done with hair washing and deep conditioning rituals, you need to dry your hair first before styling. You will turn on your blow dryer and start drying your hair. It will approximately take 20 minutes to get the task done completely. After all these time taking tasks you are still left with the styling yet. While using rollers you don’t need to wait for your hair to be dried completely. You can put the rollers on even if they are half wet. This will improve the results of your styling and save you extra time as well.

5. Styling that lasts longer

After investing hours in styling your hair, all you need is to stay the style for a longer period of time. As already mentioned previously that using roller set means you are putting the rollers on wet hair. When the hair strands are wet, you can set them the way you want them to be. Such styling lasts longer as wet hair once set do not spoil immediately.


Conversely, curls made when the hair is dried up completely do not last long. Whether you are using hair products to keep the curls stay for a long time yet they will roll down after some time. This is really distressing. Hence styling with wet hair let your hair set positions which last longer and gives you the confidence to walk around.

Tips for setting Rollers

  • Final results depend upon how you apply the rollers on your hair
  • Use fewer hair products to let the curls stay longer
  • Let your hair dry completely before removing the rollers
  • Practicing the task frequently will let you master the styling skill